Startup Showcase: Native Robotics – Empowering Industries with Smart Robot Apps

Taking Industrial Robotics to New Heights with Intuitive Apps

In a world where automation is rapidly transforming industries, Native Robotics emerges as a pioneer in the field of industrial robotics. Tackling the challenges of complex robot configurations and high operational costs, Native Robotics introduces a groundbreaking solution that empowers end-users to take control of their robots like never before. Join us on a journey to explore how Native Robotics is redefining the landscape of industrial automation.

Unveiling the Hidden Costs:

Configuring industrial robots has long been a cumbersome and expensive process, often requiring the expertise of highly qualified engineers. Companies, especially SMEs, have been hesitant to adopt robots due to the unforeseen costs associated with their utilization. Native Robotics recognizes these challenges and aims to address them head-on.

Taking Charge with Intuitive Apps:

At Native Robotics, the team is dedicated to bridging the gap between industrial robots and their users. They accomplish this by creating smart and intuitive apps designed for typical robot applications. These ready-to-use apps are tailored to suit the needs of end-users, enabling them to seamlessly take control of the robots. By eliminating the complexities of configuration, Native Robotics empowers businesses to leverage automation to its fullest potential.

Optimization Algorithms for Efficiency:

The heart of Native Robotics’ apps lies in their powerful optimization algorithms. These algorithms empower users to navigate the intricacies of robot control even in scenarios with frequent changes in production. As a result, operational costs are drastically reduced, ensuring a significant return on the initial investment. By automating the calculation of optimal paths and dynamic loads for robots, Native Robotics further extends the lifespan of these machines.

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Transforming Fear into Confidence:

Fear has been a significant barrier preventing the adoption of robots in various industries. However, Native Robotics’ user-centric approach helps alleviate these concerns. By offering user-friendly apps that require minimal technical expertise, the company transforms fear into confidence, enabling businesses of all sizes to embrace automation wholeheartedly.

The Vision for a Smart Future:

Native Robotics envisions a future where industrial robots work in harmony with humans, simplifying processes, boosting productivity, and optimizing resource utilization. With their groundbreaking technology, they strive to usher in an era of seamless man-machine collaboration, setting new standards for industrial automation.


As the industrial landscape evolves, Native Robotics stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the way industrial robots are utilized. Their smart and intuitive apps put the power back in the hands of end-users, ensuring that automation becomes a seamless and efficient process. With a mission to empower businesses, Native Robotics redefines the possibilities of industrial automation, one app at a time.


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