Startup Showcase: Neo Financial

Revolutionizing Personal Finance for Canadians with Neo Financial

Revolutionizing Personal Finance for Canadians with Neo Financial

In today’s fast-paced world, personal finance has become increasingly complex, leaving many individuals searching for innovative solutions to simplify their financial lives. This is where Neo Financial steps in, a pioneering FinTech company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a vision to revolutionize personal finance for all Canadians. With a comprehensive suite of spending, savings, and rewards programs, Neo Financial is transforming the way people manage their money, making it accessible, secure, and rewarding.

Simplifying Finances with Cutting-Edge Technology

Neo Financial is at the forefront of financial technology, harnessing the power of innovative solutions to provide its members with an unparalleled user experience. By leveraging strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions, Neo offers a safe and secure ecosystem for spending and saving. Its credit card, issued by ATB Financial and backed by the Mastercard network, ensures widespread acceptance and seamless transactions. With Neo Savings, provided by Concentra Bank and eligible for CDIC deposit protection, users can confidently save and grow their wealth.

Unleashing a World of Rewards

At Neo Financial, they believe that financial management should be more than just a mundane task—it should be rewarding. With their exceptional rewards programs, Neo goes beyond traditional financial institutions, ensuring that every purchase made by their members is an opportunity to earn and save. By partnering with a diverse range of retailers and service providers, Neo offers exclusive discounts, cashback offers, and personalized rewards tailored to individual spending habits. This unique approach transforms everyday transactions into exciting opportunities for financial growth.

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The SkipTheDishes Legacy

Neo Financial was founded in 2018 by the co-founders of SkipTheDishes, a renowned Canadian food delivery platform. Building upon their entrepreneurial success, the founders recognized the need to simplify finances and create rewarding experiences for all Canadians. With their exceptional expertise in technology and consumer-centric solutions, they embarked on a new journey to reshape personal finance. Drawing from their previous success, Neo Financial incorporates a seamless user interface, exceptional customer support, and a commitment to innovation.

Neo Financial is backed by top investors across North America, attracting attention and funding from prominent venture capital firms. This support enables Neo to continue pushing the boundaries of FinTech innovation and deliver groundbreaking financial solutions to its ever-growing member base.





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