Startup Showcase: Oort – Protecting Your Enterprise from Identity Threats

In today’s world, where organizations are faced with more sophisticated and advanced cyber threats, protecting enterprise security has become an ever-increasing challenge. As a result, Oort has emerged as a leading identity threat detection and response platform for enterprise security. In this showcase, we’ll explore how Oort helps organizations reduce identity vulnerabilities at scale with its innovative SaaS platform.

Introducing Oort

Oort is a fully-remote startup based in Boston, MA, that provides cybersecurity and IT professionals with an identity threat detection and response platform. With over 60% of security breaches involving the abuse of valid identity credentials, identity has become the new perimeter for organizations. Oort’s platform empowers enterprises to easily see and secure their identity and access management (IAM) program, reducing identity vulnerabilities at scale.

Identity Threat Detection and Response

Oort’s platform detects identity threats in real-time, enabling IT teams to respond quickly and efficiently. The platform’s AI-driven algorithms analyze user behavior patterns and flag any anomalies that may indicate identity threats. The platform then provides actionable insights to the IT teams, allowing them to take immediate action to mitigate the risk. Oort’s platform is highly customizable, enabling organizations to set specific rules and thresholds based on their unique security requirements.

Easy Deployment

Oort’s SaaS platform can be deployed within minutes, providing organizations with an immediate solution to their identity threat detection and response needs. The platform’s easy-to-use interface requires no additional hardware or software installation, making it easy for enterprises to integrate into their existing security infrastructure. Oort’s platform is also fully scalable, allowing organizations to increase or decrease their usage based on their security requirements.

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Industry Recognition and Backing

Oort has quickly gained industry recognition for its innovative approach to identity threat detection and response. The company has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management and has received accolades from leading industry analysts. Oort is also backed by leading investors, including Bain Capital Ventures, 645 Ventures, and First Star Ventures.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Oort’s identity threat detection and response platform is an essential tool for organizations looking to protect their enterprise security. With its AI-driven algorithms and real-time threat detection capabilities, Oort provides IT teams with the insights they need to respond quickly to identity threats. Oort’s platform is easy to deploy, highly customizable, and scalable, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Visit Oort’s website at to start your free 30-day trial today and learn more about how Oort can help protect your enterprise from identity threats. Connect with Oort on social media via Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news and developments from the company.


Oort is an exciting startup that is addressing the growing need for identity threat detection and response in enterprise security. With its innovative SaaS platform, Oort is poised to become a leader in this space, providing organizations with the tools they need to stay secure in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

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