Startup Showcase: Ortharize Next-Gen Business Travel Management for Cost-Conscious Organizations

In the bustling world of business travel, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their travel expenses without compromising on quality or convenience. Enter Ortharize, a next-generation business travel management platform that is revolutionizing the way organizations book and manage their travel. With a unique approach that rewards staff for cutting costs, Ortharize is quickly becoming the go-to solution for companies looking to maximize their travel budgets. This Startup Showcase delves into the innovative offerings and features that have propelled Ortharize to the forefront of the travel industry.

Streamlining Travel with Cutting-Edge Technology

Ortharize understands the pain points faced by organizations when it comes to booking and managing business travel. By consolidating all travel-related services into a single platform, Ortharize makes it easier than ever for companies to book flights, hotels, rail, and car rentals. With access to over half a million hotels, more than four hundred airlines, and major car rental companies worldwide, Ortharize offers a vast selection of options, including budget-friendly choices. No longer do businesses need to juggle multiple sites or waste time comparing prices – Ortharize provides a comprehensive solution.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Ortharize is not just another travel management platform; it is a disruptor in the industry. By introducing a toolbox of reporting, engagement, and traveler safety tools, Ortharize equips businesses with the necessary resources to navigate the complexities of corporate travel. The platform boasts over a dozen reports, an approval system for managers, and a unique trip system that eliminates the hassle of using multiple websites for different types of travel. Moreover, Ortharize’s proprietary travel policy system, powered by a home-grown algorithm, empowers companies to control spending, set rules, and impose restrictions across their travel habits.

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Rewards, Incentives, and Gamification

Ortharize goes beyond mere cost savings by incorporating rewards and incentives into its platform. Unlike other providers, Ortharize does not charge online booking fees, further reducing travel expenses. Leveraging the power of gamification, Ortharize encourages staff members to actively participate in cost-cutting initiatives, potentially reducing travel costs by up to 40%. By integrating effortless automation tools, Ortharize not only saves organizations money but also streamlines administrative tasks, saving precious time and resources.

Unlocking Data Insights and Sustainability

Data is at the core of Ortharize’s offerings. Through its robust carbon emission tracking feature, Ortharize enables companies to analyze their travel-related carbon footprint with just a few clicks. This functionality eliminates the previously laborious process of collecting and analyzing data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions regarding their travel policies and environmental impact. With Ortharize, businesses can embrace sustainable practices while optimizing their travel expenses.

Ortharize’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its 24/7/365 UK customer support, ensuring that organizations receive assistance whenever they need it. The innovative platform and its companion app have garnered widespread attention from companies seeking low travel costs, enhanced features, and seamless user experience.


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