Startup Showcase: Qblox – Revolutionizing Quantum Computing with Scalable Control Solutions

Unlocking the Power of Quantum Computing with Qblox’s Scalable Control Hardware

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, where scientific breakthroughs push the boundaries of what we thought was possible, one Dutch startup is at the forefront of the quantum revolution. Qblox, a quantum technology scaleup based in Delft, Zuid-Holland, is revolutionizing the world of computing with their patented solutions for scalable control of quantum computers. Join us as we delve into the world of Qblox and explore how their innovative control hardware is paving the way for a new era of computation.

A Quantum Leap in Computing

Quantum computers hold the promise of exponentially faster computation and solving complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of classical computers. Qblox recognizes the transformative potential of quantum technology and is dedicated to bridging the gap between proof-of-principle prototypes and practical, scalable quantum processors. Their mission is clear: to develop the control hardware stacks necessary to manage the upcoming generations of quantum processors.

Breaking Down the Barriers

The path to realizing the full potential of quantum computing is not without its challenges. Qblox understands that to harness the immense power of quantum processors, scientific and engineering obstacles must be overcome. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, Qblox is tackling these hurdles head-on, ensuring the scalability and reliability of quantum control systems.

Revolutionary Control Hardware

At the heart of Qblox’s offering lies their groundbreaking control hardware. With a focus on scalability, Qblox has developed patented solutions that enable efficient and precise control of quantum processors. Their hardware stacks empower researchers and engineers to manipulate and operate qubits, the fundamental building blocks of quantum computers, with unparalleled precision. By providing the essential control infrastructure, Qblox is paving the way for the development of larger and more powerful quantum processors.

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The Future is Quantum

The potential applications of quantum computing span a wide range of industries, including drug discovery, cryptography, optimization, and material science. Qblox’s breakthrough solutions open up a realm of possibilities for these fields and beyond. As the demand for quantum computing grows, Qblox is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this disruptive technology.


Qblox is a trailblazing quantum technology scaleup that is driving the development of scalable control solutions for quantum computers. With their patented control hardware stacks, they are breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of achieving practical and powerful quantum processors. The future of computing lies in the realm of quantum, and Qblox is leading the charge to unlock its full potential.



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