Startup Showcase: Quantron – Revolutionizing E-Mobility for Commercial Vehicles

Quantron is a leading provider of clean battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility solutions for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and vans. The company is based in Gersthofen, Bayern, Germany and has a wide range of innovative services that cater to the electrification of new and existing vehicles, the creation of individual overall concepts, and the provision of appropriate charging infrastructure, driver training, and financing, leasing, and rental offers.

Quantron is a pioneer in the field of e-mobility and has developed cutting-edge solutions that address the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation. Their expertise in clean energy systems and advanced technologies has enabled them to create customized electrification concepts that meet the specific requirements of manufacturers of commercial vehicles, machinery, and intralogistics vehicles.

Revolutionizing E-Mobility for Commercial Vehicles

The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, and the demand for cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions is growing rapidly. Quantron is at the forefront of this transformation, providing innovative e-mobility solutions that reduce carbon emissions, lower operating costs, and enhance overall performance.

Their systems are designed to be flexible and scalable, enabling them to meet the diverse needs of different customers. Whether it’s electrifying a single vehicle or an entire fleet, Quantron has the expertise and technology to deliver the best possible solution.

Electrification of Used and Existing Vehicles

Quantron is also focused on the electrification of used and existing vehicles. By retrofitting existing vehicles with clean energy systems, Quantron helps to extend the life of these vehicles, reduce carbon emissions, and lower operating costs. This service is particularly valuable for companies with large fleets of vehicles, as it enables them to transition to e-mobility at a lower cost.

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Customized Electrification Concepts

Quantron’s expertise in clean energy systems and advanced technologies has enabled them to develop customized electrification concepts that meet the specific needs of their customers. These solutions are tailored to the type of vehicle, the driving profile, and the operational requirements of the customer, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


Quantron is a company that is at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution. They are leading the way in providing clean and sustainable transportation solutions for commercial vehicles, and their innovative products and services are helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve the overall efficiency of transportation. With their expertise in clean energy systems and advanced technologies, Quantron is well-positioned to continue to drive the transformation of the transportation sector towards a more sustainable future.

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