Startup Showcase: Remagine Revolutionizes Business Banking with Purpose-Driven Accounts

Reshaping Financial Services for Success, Sustainability, and Impact


Welcome to, where we showcase the most innovative and disruptive startups in the business world. In this edition, we are excited to feature Remagine, a Berlin-based company that is transforming the way businesses approach banking. With their purpose-driven, digital business accounts, Remagine empowers entrepreneurs to achieve success while prioritizing sustainability and making a positive impact. Join us as we explore the groundbreaking solutions offered by Remagine and the inspiring vision behind this startup revolution.

Reshaping Financial Services for Purpose-Driven Businesses

Remagine, founded by Sebastian Dienst and Julia Profeta Johansson, has set out on a mission to reshape financial services for purpose-driven businesses. Traditional banking often falls short when it comes to addressing the unique needs and values of entrepreneurs who prioritize sustainability and social impact. Remagine bridges this gap by offering the world’s first purpose-driven, digital business accounts. These accounts are designed to align seamlessly with the values and goals of purpose-driven enterprises, empowering them to make a difference while growing their business.

Empowering Businesses through Innovative Solutions

At the heart of Remagine’s offering is an innovative platform that provides a range of tools and features to empower businesses. The platform includes business accounts, team cards, analytics, and payment solutions, all seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly interface. Remagine’s business accounts are equipped with advanced features tailored specifically for purpose-driven businesses, such as categorizing transactions based on impact areas, tracking sustainability metrics, and providing access to impactful partnerships and resources. With Remagine, entrepreneurs can manage their finances efficiently, gain valuable insights, and amplify their impact.

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Collaboration with Solarisbank and Support from Fintech Pioneers

Remagine’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions led to a strategic partnership with Solarisbank, Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service provider. This collaboration allows Remagine to leverage Solarisbank’s robust infrastructure and regulatory expertise, ensuring a secure and reliable banking experience for their customers. Furthermore, Remagine has garnered support from renowned fintech angel investors, including Jonathan Weiner, former Global Head of Google Payment, and Michael Vaughn, former COO of Venmo. This support not only validates Remagine’s vision but also provides the necessary resources to drive innovation and growth.


Remagine is revolutionizing the banking industry by offering purpose-driven, digital business accounts that enable entrepreneurs to thrive while making a positive impact on society. Through their innovative platform and strategic partnerships, Remagine empowers businesses to manage their finances effectively, access valuable insights, and unlock opportunities for growth. By prioritizing success, sustainability, and impact, Remagine is leading the charge in reshaping financial services for purpose-driven businesses worldwide.





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