Startup Showcase: Rupert – Revolutionizing Analytics Distribution & Engagement

Bridging the Gap between Analytics Production and Consumption

Unifying Analytics for Optimal Data Consumption

In today’s data-driven world, analytics has become a vital tool for businesses to make informed decisions. However, despite the abundance of analytics tools available, there has always been a missing piece in the puzzle: the seamless distribution and engagement of analytics content. This is where Rupert, the world’s-first analytics distribution & engagement tool, steps in to revolutionize the way data analytics is consumed and utilized.

Unleashing the Power of Analytics Distribution

Rupert, based in the vibrant city of New York, is on a mission to solve the last mile problem in the analytics chain. Traditional self-service analytics often fall short when it comes to delivering truly self-serve experiences. With Rupert, this problem becomes a thing of the past. By harnessing the power of a context-based knowledge graph, Rupert unifies data analytics across multiple disparate tools, seamlessly connecting analytics production with consumption.

A Frictionless and Intuitive Solution

Imagine a world where everyone in your organization can effortlessly consume analytics content in a frictionless, intuitive way. Rupert makes this a reality. Its user-friendly interface and intelligent distribution system ensure that analytics requests are answered instantly, eliminating bottlenecks and empowering business teams with the insights they need to excel. The result? A dramatic boost in productivity across the entire organization.

Closing the Gap with Data-Driven Engagement

Analytics is only as valuable as the engagement it receives. Rupert understands this and offers a solution that bridges the gap between analytics production and consumption. Through its innovative distribution and engagement features, Rupert achieves a 6x improvement in users’ interaction with analytics. This not only enhances data-driven decision-making but also fosters a culture of analytics adoption within the organization.

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Rupert’s impact is profound, with 95% of business teams experiencing an immediate response to their analytics requests. This unprecedented level of efficiency ensures that critical insights are delivered when they are needed the most, enabling teams to act swiftly and confidently. As Rupert continues to disrupt the analytics landscape, it is quickly becoming the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes that seek to optimize their analytics distribution and engagement strategies.




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