Startup Showcase: Scalez – Transforming Fashion Styling with AI-Powered Conversational Commerce

Enhancing Personalized Shopping Experiences through Conversational AI Platforms

In the bustling world of startups, there are few that truly stand out for their innovative solutions and potential to transform entire industries. Scalez, a Tel Aviv-based company, is making waves with its cutting-edge conversational AI platforms for personalized expert advice experiences. Through a unique blend of human intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing (NLP), Scalez is revolutionizing the way consumers engage with online fashion and gain expert styling advice.

Unveiling the Future of Conversational Commerce

Scalez is at the forefront of conversational commerce technology, offering a range of AI-driven solutions that combine the best of both human and machine intelligence. Their platforms provide highly personalized answers to customers, ensuring their needs are met with tailored recommendations. By leveraging the power of AI and NLP, Scalez creates an authentic user journey, delivering a richer experience for consumers at scale.

Transforming the Apparel Industry

Scalez has set its sights on transforming the apparel industry with its state-of-the-art technology. The company has developed a conversational fashion styling platform, empowering online stylists to augment their knowledge and provide on-demand styling services. This innovative platform connects human insights with machine-generated data attributes, resulting in expert advice that truly resonates with customers. From body type and style preferences to past orders and abandoned carts, Scalez’s expandable real-time fashion recommendation chatbot considers a variety of unique parameters to offer tailored recommendations.

Empowering Fashionistas and Brands

Scalez Fashion’s AI-driven platform caters to both personal stylists and fashion-forward individuals. Through their platform, online stylists can offer “Flash styling” sessions at scale, providing clients with instant outfit advice and personalized recommendations. Whether it’s finding the perfect pair of jeans or getting styling tips for a special occasion, Scalez empowers fashionistas with the knowledge and expertise they need to look their best.

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For brands, Scalez offers a fully branded chatbot that enables them to create engaging conversational shopping experiences. By integrating the platform, brands can provide added value to their audience, gain valuable insights, and leverage retargeting opportunities. With Scalez, brands can tap into a new world of data, engage users, boost conversions, and enhance customer retention.


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