Startup Showcase: Snooplay – Revolutionizing the Way You Shop for Toys & Games


Welcome to, your ultimate source for all things startup! In this edition of Startup Showcase, we bring you Snooplay, an innovative online marketplace that is reshaping the way people shop for toys and games. With the power of AI and a commitment to inclusivity, Snooplay is transforming the toy shopping experience for children, adults, and those with special needs. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Snooplay and their mission to revolutionize the toys and games industry.

A New Era in Toy Shopping

The toys and games industry has long been awaiting a digital revolution, and Snooplay is at the forefront of this exciting transformation. Based in New Delhi, India, Snooplay is an online marketplace that leverages the power of AI to help people discover the perfect toy or game based on their personalities, interests, skills, and developmental goals. Gone are the days of relying on limited knowledge or biased recommendations. Snooplay is here to make toy shopping an enriching and personalized experience for everyone.

Unleashing the Potential

At Snooplay, the founders recognized that the real challenge lies not in searching for the right product, but in knowing what the right product is. To address this, Snooplay developed an AI-powered recommendation tool that takes into account historical data and the future developmental needs of children. This groundbreaking approach allows customers to go beyond mere searching and truly discover the toys and games that are best suited for their individual requirements.

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A Three-Tier Approach

Snooplay embraces a three-tier approach to provide a wide range of international and domestic toy brands. Firstly, they offer a diverse selection of toys and games across different categories, carefully curated based on a child’s skill developmental goals, personality, and interests. Secondly, Snooplay breaks the barriers and expands their offerings to cater to customers of all age groups, ensuring that toys and games are not limited to just kids. Lastly, the platform is committed to inclusivity by destigmatizing gender-biased buying and including products specifically designed for children with special needs. Snooplay’s goal is to enable customers to find authentic toys and games that they genuinely need but may not have known about before, creating an enriching shopping experience for all.

Embracing the Power of Local

India’s rich heritage and traditions have inspired Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for Indians, especially start-ups, to be “vocal for local toys.” Snooplay aligns with this vision by championing Indian toy manufacturers and promoting the vast potential of the Indian toy industry. With the government’s focus on uplifting the toys and games industry and the increased knowledge and awareness of various types of toys and games in the market, Snooplay aims to create a dedicated platform that brings together all stakeholders in the industry. By fostering collaboration and offering a global marketplace for Indian toy manufacturers, Snooplay envisions India becoming a global hub for toys and games by 2025-2030.

The Journey Ahead

Since its launch in 2019, Snooplay has experienced remarkable growth, averaging 300% year-on-year. With 150 brands currently listed on the platform, Snooplay aims to further scale its supply by adding 500-600 sellers in the next three months, expanding its product range and becoming the go-to destination for all toys and games needs in India and beyond. The founders envision a future where the majority of existing and upcoming local Indian toy manufacturers and sellers utilize the Snooplay platform exclusively, allowing them to showcase their products to customers nationwide and globally.

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Snooplay is on a mission to transform the way we shop for toys and games. With its AI-powered recommendation tool, diverse product offerings, and commitment to inclusivity, Snooplay is bringing joy and personalization to customers of all ages and abilities. By embracing the call to support local toy manufacturers, Snooplay is driving innovation and propelling the Indian toy industry onto the global stage. Stay tuned as Snooplay continues to redefine the future of toy shopping!




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