Startup Showcase: Supercede – Revolutionizing the Reinsurance Industry with a Powerful Global Trading Platform

Reinsurance is a complex industry that is often bogged down by manual administrative processes, making it difficult for stakeholders to showcase their true potential. Supercede is a London-based startup that is changing this narrative by providing a digital ecosystem that enables all reinsurance industry stakeholders to optimize their workflow. The company’s innovative approach to reinsurance combines outward analytics and e-placements within a global network, making it a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

Introducing Supercede: A Reinsurance Technology Company That Supports Traditional Value Chain

Supercede is an independent reinsurance technology company that supports the traditional tripartite value chain of cedents, brokers, and reinsurers. Unlike other startups that seek to disintermediate the industry, Supercede aims to empower stakeholders by providing a powerful digital ecosystem that simplifies the reinsurance lifecycle. The company’s product is a Lloyd’s-recognised, data-centric, global trading platform that offers the leading outwards analytics solution in an intuitive placement platform. Supercede’s platform also provides access to a global reinsurance network, making it easier for stakeholders to collaborate and optimize their workflow.

Outwards Analytics: Unlocking the Power of Data for Reinsurance

Data is a critical component of the reinsurance industry, but traditional processes often make it challenging to capture, analyze, and utilize effectively. Supercede’s platform offers an outwards analytics solution that provides stakeholders with actuarial-grade data. This data can be used to make informed decisions and optimize the reinsurance lifecycle. With Supercede, stakeholders can capture single-entry data, analyze it using advanced analytics tools, and make informed decisions that drive ongoing administration.

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E-Placements: Streamlining the Reinsurance Workflow

Supercede’s e-placement platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing stakeholders to streamline their workflow and simplify their processes. The platform enables stakeholders to do everything from capturing data to closing deals, all within a single ecosystem. The platform also offers group chat threads, rapid file sharing, and workflow tools linked to every placement. This makes it easy for stakeholders to collaborate, communicate, and optimize their workflow, making it a win-win-win for all parties involved.

A Team of Industry Experts, Technologists, and Strategists

Supercede’s success is due in large part to its team of industry experts, technologists, and strategists. The company’s team has a deep understanding of the reinsurance industry and is committed to leveraging technology to improve the reinsurance lifecycle. Supercede’s team is passionate about empowering stakeholders and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in a complex and challenging industry.


Supercede is a startup that is revolutionizing the reinsurance industry with its powerful global trading platform. The company’s outwards analytics solution and e-placement platform make it easy for stakeholders to optimize their workflow and simplify their processes. Supercede’s team of industry experts, technologists, and strategists is committed to empowering stakeholders and leveraging technology to improve the reinsurance lifecycle. If you’re looking for a better way to manage reinsurance, be sure to check out Supercede’s website and social media channels.




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