Startup Showcase: Twenty – Revolutionizing Human Connection Through Seamless Social Planning

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where screens often replace face-to-face interactions, one startup is on a mission to revolutionize the way we connect with our friends. Welcome to the showcase of Twenty, the groundbreaking company that is reshaping social planning and rekindling genuine human relationships.

Creating Opportunities for Real-Life Connections

In this startup showcase, we proudly present Twenty, a dynamic force headquartered in the heart of New York, New York. Embracing the power of technology, Twenty recognizes the need for genuine human connection and strives to provide a platform that transcends virtual barriers.

Empowering Connections: The Twenty Experience Unveiled

At the core of the Twenty experience lies a simple yet powerful principle: enabling friends to come together in real life. Unlike conventional social platforms that often perpetuate isolation, Twenty empowers users to step out from behind their screens and make meaningful memories together.

Have you ever wondered which of your friends are nearby, ready to share a spontaneous moment? Twenty lets you do just that. With a few taps, users can instantly see who’s in their vicinity, opening the door for unplanned coffee dates, quick catch-ups, or impromptu adventures. It’s about seizing the moment and nurturing bonds when they matter most.Gone are the days of endless group chats and vague plans. With Twenty, turning intentions into tangible meet-ups is effortless. Users can explore their friends’ availability and intentions, making coordinating plans smoother than ever. From grabbing a meal to exploring a new exhibition, Twenty transforms aspirations into shared experiences.

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Hang Out: Rediscovering Local Events Together

Twenty isn’t just about friends; it’s about creating a community. The platform curates local events, ensuring users never miss out on exciting happenings in their area. From concerts and workshops to outdoor gatherings, the possibilities are endless. By connecting users to their city’s pulse, Twenty encourages exploration and shared memories.

Privacy Redefined: Your Choices, Your Control

Privacy is paramount, and Twenty is fully committed to safeguarding users’ personal boundaries. The platform empowers individuals to choose when, where, and with whom they share their plans. Unlike traditional platforms that emphasize past activities, Twenty focuses on the future, enhancing anticipation and authentic connections.

Experience the Future of Social Planning

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Twenty stands out as a pioneer, redefining how we interact and fostering authentic relationships. By embracing technology to facilitate real-life interactions, Twenty is ushering in a new era of socializing.


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