Startup Showcase: Wetterheld – Revolutionizing Weather Insurance for Businesses

Safeguard Your Business Against the Elements with Wetterheld's Innovative Weather Insurance


Welcome to, where we bring you the most innovative and exciting startups from around the globe! Today, we are thrilled to showcase a game-changing company that is reshaping the weather insurance market for small and medium businesses in Germany. Say hello to Wetterheld, an online weather insurance provider that is setting new standards with its cutting-edge approach and strategic partnerships.

Weather Insurance Redefined

As unpredictable weather patterns continue to disrupt businesses worldwide, Wetterheld emerges as the guardian angel for enterprises seeking protection against the whims of Mother Nature. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, Wetterheld has meticulously crafted an online weather insurance platform that covers businesses against various weather-related risks, including rain, temperature fluctuations, and snow.

Empowering Businesses through Comprehensive Coverage

Wetterheld aims to revolutionize the way businesses perceive and procure weather insurance. By offering tailor-made policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, they have effectively eliminated the one-size-fits-all approach prevalent in the insurance industry. Their platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of each business, ensuring that coverage aligns perfectly with their vulnerabilities and risks.

The Wetterheld Difference

Behind Wetterheld’s groundbreaking solution lies two years of extensive research and development. The company’s dedicated team of weather experts, data scientists, and insurance specialists collaborated to design an insurance product that bridges the gap between traditional weather insurance practices and modern big data technology.

Wetterheld understands that real transformation comes through collaboration. They have forged strategic partnerships with a leading German digital insurer, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable insurance experience for their customers. Moreover, the company’s decision to re-insure with an industry giant re-insurer, one of the largest worldwide, reinforces their commitment to providing rock-solid financial backing and unmatched reliability.

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In a data-dominated world, Wetterheld leverages cutting-edge big data technology to analyze weather patterns and historical data. By harnessing this knowledge, businesses can make informed decisions, plan effectively, and mitigate potential weather-related losses.


Wetterheld is at the forefront of transforming the weather insurance landscape for businesses in Germany. Through innovation, data-driven insights, and powerful collaborations, they have crafted a platform that empowers businesses to shield themselves against weather-induced adversities confidently.


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