Startup Showcase: Xena WorkwearCrafting Stylish, Comfortable Safety Gear for Women in STEM and Trades


Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we highlight the most innovative and exciting startups shaping the business landscape. In this edition, we proudly present Xena Workwear, a groundbreaking company revolutionizing the workwear industry. Xena Workwear specializes in crafting stylish, comfortable safety footwear and apparel for women in STEM and the trades. Let’s dive into the fascinating story behind this empowering startup.

Breaking Barriers in Male-Centric Work Environments

In male-dominated industries, such as STEM and the trades, women face numerous challenges, including the lack of well-fitting workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Xena Workwear recognized this problem and set out on a mission to provide women with the tools they need to excel in their careers safely and comfortably.

Bridging the Gap: Fashion Meets Functionality

Xena Workwear stands out by offering a unique blend of fashion and functionality. The company’s designs combine the utmost safety standards with a keen eye for style. Gone are the days when women had to compromise their personal style to meet the requirements of their work environment. With Xena Workwear, women can now embrace their individuality while feeling protected and confident.

Stylish Steel-Toe Safety Shoes and More

Xena Workwear’s product lineup includes an impressive range of stylish steel-toe safety shoes and functional apparel. Their footwear collection is designed to ensure maximum protection without sacrificing comfort. From sleek and sophisticated to sporty and casual, Xena offers a variety of shoe styles to suit different preferences and work environments.

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Apparel Tailored for the Modern Woman

In addition to their footwear, Xena Workwear provides functional apparel tailored specifically for women. Their garments are designed to fit the female body, offering a comfortable and secure fit. From flame-resistant coveralls to high-visibility shirts, Xena Workwear offers a comprehensive selection of clothing options to meet the diverse needs of women in STEM and the trades.

A Commitment to Empowering Women

Xena Workwear’s journey began in 2019 with a vision to empower women in traditionally male-dominated industries. The company’s commitment to its mission shines through in every aspect of their business. By providing women with the tools they need to excel, Xena Workwear is fostering an environment of inclusivity, equality, and confidence.


Xena Workwear is a shining example of a startup that is making a significant impact by addressing a crucial need in the market. Through their innovative and stylish safety footwear and apparel, they are empowering women to break barriers, excel in their careers, and embrace their personal style. Join the Xena Workwear movement and step into any role with confidence.


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