Startup Showcase: YonaLink Revolutionizes Clinical Research Data Migration

Transforming Clinical Trials with Real-time Data Capture

Introduction: Welcome to, where we bring you the latest breakthroughs and innovations from the startup world. In this edition of Startup Showcase, we present YonaLink, an Israeli startup that is revolutionizing the way clinical research data is migrated. YonaLink’s cutting-edge platform enables research teams to extract and transmit current patient data in real-time, significantly reducing delays in clinical trials. Join us as we delve into the world of YonaLink and explore how they are transforming the landscape of clinical research.

Bridging the Gap between EHR and Clinical Trial Data Capture

YonaLink recognized a critical challenge in the field of clinical research: the time-consuming and often error-prone process of migrating patient data from electronic health records (EHR) to clinical trial electronic data capture (EDC) systems. This cumbersome task has been a significant bottleneck in the progress of clinical trials, leading to delays and increased costs. With their innovative platform, YonaLink bridges the gap between EHR and clinical trial data capture, streamlining the entire process.

Real-time Data Transmission for Enhanced Efficiency

One of the key features of YonaLink’s platform is its ability to transmit real-time data from any clinical site’s EHR directly into the clinical trial EDC system. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that research teams have access to the most up-to-date and accurate patient information. By enabling real-time data transmission, YonaLink significantly enhances the efficiency and speed of clinical trials, accelerating the development of life-saving treatments and therapies.

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Next-generation EDC with Combined eSource

Capabilities YonaLink’s next-generation EDC platform combines the power of eSource and EDC capabilities into a single, user-friendly solution. This innovative approach allows researchers to collect and manage data from multiple sources seamlessly. With YonaLink’s platform, clinical trial requirements are met efficiently, enabling researchers to focus on analyzing and interpreting data rather than spending valuable time on data entry and integration. The integration of eSource capabilities ensures the capture of high-quality data directly from the source, minimizing errors and ensuring data integrity.


YonaLink is at the forefront of transforming the clinical research landscape with its groundbreaking platform. By enabling real-time data capture and transmission, the company is empowering research teams to overcome the challenges associated with migrating clinical research data. With YonaLink’s innovative solutions, clinical trials can be conducted more efficiently, resulting in faster discoveries, improved patient outcomes, and ultimately, saving lives.




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