Tel Aviv’s AI Powerhouses: Unveiling 15 Revolutionary Startups

Exploring the Cutting-Edge AI Companies Reshaping Tel Aviv's Technological Landscape


Tel Aviv, the thriving hub of technological innovation often referred to as the “Silicon Wadi,” is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem. Among the various industries driving this ecosystem, the artificial intelligence (AI) sector stands out for its groundbreaking advancements. In this article, we highlight 15 remarkable AI companies based in Tel Aviv that are pushing the boundaries of technology and making a significant impact across industries.


The First Digital Bank Revolutionizing Banking Services ONE ZERO is Tel Aviv’s first digital bank, providing innovative banking services and transforming the traditional banking experience through digital solutions.


Redefining Last-Mile Operations with Robotic Nano-Fulfillment Centers 1MRobotics specializes in robotic nano-fulfillment centers, enabling fully automated dark stores that optimize last-mile operations for e-commerce logistics.


Streamlining Returns with AI-Powered Return Management ReturnGO offers an AI-powered return management platform that simplifies and encourages product exchanges, enhancing customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency.


Advancing Athletic Performance with AI Brain Training i-BrainTech utilizes AI-powered brain-training technology to enhance athletic performance and facilitate the safe return to play for athletes.


Driving the Future of Vehicles and Mobility Solutions Autobrains pioneers AI-driven solutions for next-generation vehicles and mobility services, revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Axon Pulse:

Revolutionizing Radar Signal Processing through AI Axon Pulse leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to revolutionize radar signal processing, unlocking new possibilities for multiple industries.

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Immersive Sports Experiences with an AI-Powered Cloud Platform Mindfly’s AI-powered cloud platform and AI bodycam offer fans a unique perspective, providing immersive sports experiences from the players’ point of view.

Boosting Unit Economics with Psychology-Based AI helps online companies strengthen their unit economics by providing psychology-based AI solutions that enhance customer engagement and profitability.

Corsight AI:

Leading the Way in Facial Recognition Technology Corsight AI is at the forefront of facial recognition technology, developing unrivaled solutions that have applications in security and personalized user experiences.


AI-Based Mobile App for Personalized Pet Care Koala offers an AI-based mobile application dedicated to pet care, providing pet owners with personalized solutions for the well-being of their furry companions.

Intelligent Traffic Control:

AI-Driven Traffic Management Intelligent Traffic Control is an AI-driven traffic management company that prevents traffic congestion by proactively managing traffic conditions.


Personalized Anesthesia Management with AI HappyDural utilizes AI to provide personalized anesthesia management solutions, optimizing patient care and outcomes.


Digital Performance Intelligence SaaS Platform Joon-io offers a digital performance intelligence SaaS platform, enabling businesses to drive traffic and optimize conversions through AI-driven insights.


Empowering Agriculture with Agro-Tech and Big Data Agmatix specializes in agro-tech and big data applications in agriculture, harnessing AI to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

Your AI Mental Health Companion is an AI-powered mental health companion, supporting individuals on their journey to a happier and more fulfilled life.


Tel Aviv’s AI landscape continues to thrive, with these 15 innovative companies leading the way in driving technological advancements. From transforming banking services to revolutionizing traffic management and pushing the boundaries of facial recognition technology, these startups showcase the immense potential of AI in various domains. As Tel Aviv solidifies its position as a global tech powerhouse, these AI companies are at the forefront, paving the way for a future driven by innovation and artificial intelligence.

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