Unleashing the FinTech Revolution: Innovative Companies Powering Hong Kong Island’s Financial Hub

Exploring the cutting-edge FinTech companies reshaping the financial landscape of Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island, renowned as a global financial hub, continues to embrace the dynamic world of FinTech with open arms. A vibrant ecosystem of forward-thinking companies has emerged, leveraging technology to revolutionize the way we manage finances, invest, and transact. In this article, we delve into the exciting realm of FinTech on Hong Kong Island, highlighting 15 companies that are driving innovation and transforming the financial services sector.

Micro Connect: Transforming Market Infrastructure

Micro Connect stands at the forefront of market infrastructure, fintech, and platform development. With their expertise, they facilitate seamless transactions, optimize processes, and foster growth in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Fundergo: Revolutionizing Mortgage Financing

Fundergo revolutionizes the mortgage industry by providing an online platform that connects borrowers with both bank and non-bank lenders. Their user-friendly interface and efficient processes streamline the borrowing experience.

Livi Bank: Empowering Secure Digital Banking

Livi Bank is a trusted digital bank that prioritizes secure transactions and user convenience. With their cutting-edge technology and customer-centric approach, they make banking a seamless experience for individuals.

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RD Wallet Technologies: Simplifying Payment Solutions

RD Wallet Technologies specializes in providing innovative payment solutions. By leveraging their expertise, businesses and individuals can effortlessly manage transactions, ensuring a secure and efficient payment experience.

Hero Plus: Embracing Digital Payments and Consumer Lending

Hero Plus offers a comprehensive suite of digital payment, consumer lending, and SaaS solutions. Their innovative approach empowers businesses and individuals to adapt to the digital era and optimize financial operations.

Gateway Private Markets: Enabling Growth through Fintech

Gateway Private Markets provides a fintech platform that offers fundraising, venture capital transactions, and valuable liquidity information services. Their cutting-edge solutions help businesses thrive in a competitive market.

Divit: Loyalty Communities for Business Success

Divit introduces an innovative marketing and payment platform to assist businesses in building rewarding loyalty communities. With their solutions, businesses can enhance customer engagement and drive long-term success.

FundKernel Limited: Revolutionizing Alternative Investments

FundKernel Limited, a Hong Kong-based Fintech WealthTech InvestTech company, offers a Digital Advisory Platform for Alternative Investments. Their advanced technology enables individuals to make informed investment decisions.

WBroker: Empowering Crypto and Stock Trading

WBroker is an online brokerage firm that provides crypto and stock trading services. Their user-friendly platform and comprehensive tools enable individuals to enter the world of trading with confidence.

SuiGor 水哥: Personal Finance Chatbot in Cantonese

SuiGor 水哥 is the first Cantonese personal finance chatbot that assists individuals in managing their finances. With their intuitive interface and language support, users can access personalized financial advice and services.

CleverRobot: Digital Introduction Service for the New World

CleverRobot offers a digital introduction service that connects individuals and businesses in the new world of finance. Their platform facilitates meaningful connections, fostering collaboration and growth in the industry.

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Lemon Tech: Empowering Finance Trading Brokerage

Lemon Tech introduces SI tech, an innovative CRM trading platform that allows anyone to start their own finance trading brokerage. With their comprehensive tools and support, individuals can embark on a new journey in finance.

VMPay Asia: SME Buy Now Pay Later Platform

VMPay Asia provides a buy now pay later platform tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Their flexible payment solutions enable SMEs to manage cash flow effectively and facilitate growth.

PACE: Injecting New Life into In-Force Portfolio Management

PACE brings technology and capital together to inject new life into in-force portfolio management. Their innovative solutions optimize portfolio performance and unlock hidden value for insurance companies.

ETFCOOL.com: Asia’s Fintech Investment Manager

ETFCOOL.com serves as Asia’s fintech investment manager, offering cutting-edge solutions for investment management. Their expertise and technology empower investors to navigate the complex financial landscape with confidence.


Hong Kong Island’s FinTech scene is a hotbed of innovation, with these 15 companies leading the charge. From transforming market infrastructure to revolutionizing mortgage financing, these companies are reshaping the financial services sector and driving the future of finance. As Hong Kong Island continues to embrace the FinTech revolution, these companies are at the forefront, pioneering new solutions and revolutionizing the way we manage our finances.

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