Transforming Biotech: Who’s Leading the Way in 3D Bio-Printing and Nano-Technology?

Key Takeaways:
  • Sygnis Bio Technologies is a leading company in 3D bioprinting and nano-technology.
  • The company is the only distributor of CELLINK, the 3D bioprinting market leader, for Eastern Europe.
  • Sygnis Bio Technologies is also a solutions partner for the “Bionic Pancreas” project of FBiRN.
  • The Warsaw-based startup is paving the way for scientific innovation in high resolution live cell imaging and tissue engineering.
  • Sygnis Bio Technologies is one of the few experts in the field of 3D holotomographic imaging.


In the ever-evolving world of biotechnology, few companies are making as significant an impact as Sygnis Bio Technologies. Based in Warsaw, this transformative startup operates at the intersection of 3D printing, advanced materials, and nanotechnology. However, what truly sets Sygnis apart is their revolutionary approach to 3D bio-printing and nano-technology applications.

Recognized as a significant provider of scientific equipment on the Polish market, Sygnis prides itself on focusing on high resolution live cell imaging and tissue engineering. The innovators at Sygnis have industrialized a multitude of techniques including 3D Bioprinting, Biopatterning, and live cell and super-resolution imaging.

Differential Factors:

The uniqueness of Sygnis Bio Technologies is highlighted by its exclusive partnership with CELLINK, the leading brand in the 3D bioprinting market. As the only authorized distributor for CELLINK in Eastern Europe, Sygnis has made high-quality 3D Bioprinting easily accessible in the region. Additionally, their engineering prowess has made them ideal solutions partners for projects such as FBiRN’s “Bionic Pancreas.”

Sygnis has also set itself apart with its expertise in 3D holotomographic imaging. Incorporating cutting-edge technology such as the Cellink holographic multiphoton bioprinter – Holograph X, Sygnis services the scientific world with the latest innovations in bioengineering technology.

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Looking ahead, there is no doubt that Sygnis Bio Technologies’ forward-thinking approaches to biotech and 3D printing will continue to make an impact on the industry. Their commitment to developing tailor-made solutions and maintaining strong customer relationships underscores their potential for growth.

The future of Sygnis Bio Technologies is undoubtedly exciting as they continue to lead the biotech industry’s transformation. Whether through their partnerships or their technological advancements, Sygnis is set to shape a new era of scientific breakthroughs. Get in touch with them through their website, or connect with them on their socials: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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