Unlocking Brand Potential in Livestreaming Advertising: Are You Leveraging Micro-Communities?

Dave Johnson, Alex Smith

Key Takeaways

  • Hazard Inc. is offering a highly valuable service to both brands, streamers and the advertising industry overall
  • Founded by Dave Johnson and Alex Smith, Hazard Inc. revolutionizes streaming advertising by connecting creators and brands
  • The future of the advertising industry lies within micro-communities, offering a new advertising sphere for brands while giving streamers the benefits usually reserved for the top platforms.

In the world of advertising, the growth of livestreaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube has opened up novel opportunities for marketers and brands alike. With these platforms come micro-communities – subsets of audiences with shared interests, who engage intensely with creators. One startup, Hazard Inc., is taking full advantage of this new landscape by offering a unique streaming solution that enables brands to expand their outreach to these micro-communities while also allowing creators to monetise their content more effectively.

Founded by Dave Johnson and Alex Smith in New City, New York, Hazard Inc. has set their sights on transforming advertising within live streaming platforms from being a convenience for the top creators to becoming accessible to all. They leverage the power of livestreaming platforms and their micro-communities to provide a seamless advertising experience.

Hazard Inc. has carved a niche in the competitive advertising industry by bridging the gap between brands and streamers. They are differentiated by their deep understanding of the complexities of brand partnerships and commitment to empowering streamers. This approach allows them to offer value to two key stakeholders – brands, by enabling them to permeate new audiences at scale, and streamers, by offering them the benefits usually reserved for the top 0.1% of creators on their platforms.

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Their services go beyond merely being an advertising conduit. They also provide an innovative technology that helps brands tap into the potential of livestreaming advertising effectively, while at the same time allowing creators the freedom and flexibility to monetise their work. As a result of this, Hazard Inc. has positioned itself as a vital player in the evolving advertising industry.

As digital spaces continue to expand, the dynamics of advertising keeps shifting. In this brave new world, brands will need to go beyond demographics and tap into specific viewer communities, a realm that Hazard Inc. specialises in. This startup undeniably represents the future of the industry – an industry that does more than just value views and clicks and genuinely understands the user experience and its inherent value.

Connecting consumers, livestreamers, and brands, Hazard Inc. is not just revamping the advertising industry; it’s shaping the future of it. You can learn more by visiting their website, and following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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