What are Emerging Leaders in Japan’s Influential Cloud Data Services?

In the modern era, data management and processing are becoming ever more crucial aspects of business operations. Thanks to the evolution of cloud computing, businesses are capable of harnessing the power of data like never before, providing vital insights into customer behaviour and market trends. Japan, known for its technical innovation, is a hub for a variety of startups excelling in the field of Cloud Data Services. Here, we take a look at fifteen compelling startups making waves in this industry in Japan.

These companies not only provide data storage and management solutions, but also offer unique services such as automated invoicing, B2B communication platforms, and more. Exploring these Cloud Data Services startups invites a peek into how data is shaping the future of business, and how innovative solutions are expanding opportunities in various industries.

As the industry continues to advance, these Japanese companies represent the cutting edge of cloud data services, bringing notable developments to the market. Let’s dive in deeper and explore these companies in more detail.

Conoris Technologies

Renowned as a staffing agency, Conoris Technologies brings a unique twist to the cloud data services industry, offering robust security check support services for companies.


invox provides businesses with a cloud service platform capable of automating accounting processes like payment and accounting, regardless of the form of the invoice.


Nextmode is recognized for offering a wide range of IT services including cloud data management, operation assistance, Amazon web, and consulting services.

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Specilizing in casting agencies, CastingONE is a cloud-based dispatch service offering its unique industry solution.


Another innovator, Deepwork, is an IT company that develops and operates a cloud service “invox” that automates accounting operations.


Common stands out in the market with a cloud management financial tool designed for both borrowing and lending money.


Quicker offers a novel cloud-based B2B communication platform connecting businesses with their customers.


Boldright introduces a new approach to modern lifestyle, offering digital services through the cloud that enhance every moment of life.

What’s Your Rich

Specialising in workflow management, What’s Your Rich delivers cloud-based data and workflow management solutions, helping businesses reduce production costs and increase productivity.

Canal Globe

Canal Globe is dedicated to creating value through information system services.

Customer Attraction Cloud

Customer Attraction Cloud offers SEO-friendly software and web-based MEO countermeasures, aimed at reducing customer acquisition costs.


CalTa provides end-to-end digitalisation and cloud data services for infrastructure operators.


Randeft focuses on data management, offering research and development of data management services for the materials industry.


Uniforce aids companies in expending sustainably by providing cloud-based and consulting services.

Air Business Club

Air Business Club is involved in various sectors including the transportation system development business, retail store type DC business, and cloud business.

In conclusion, these fifteen Japanese startups offer a diverse array of innovative cloud data services, each bringing something unique to the industry. From automating tedious accounting processes to offering cloud-based B2B communication platforms, they exemplify how cloud technology is transforming businesses in various sectors. These companies are playing key roles in shaping a future where data-driven decisions optimise strategies, increase efficiency, and drive success.

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