What are Switzerland’s Most influential Information Services Startups in 2023?

Welcome to the Swiss startup bubble. Amid the stunning landscapes, high living standards and cultural diversity, Switzerland is quietly becoming a significant player in the global startup ecosystem. From Zürich to Lugano, entrepreneurs are turning their visions into reality with the help of innovative technology and an accommodating commercial atmosphere. In particular, the Information Services industry is brimming with impressive start-ups helping to shape the digital future. In all corners of the business and academic world, information services startups are impacting the way we consume, interpret and utilize data. Here, let’s shed some light on 15 of these remarkable Swiss-based entities.

Switzerland’s strength lies in its diversity. Swiss start-ups correspondingly come in all shapes and sizes, from those concentrated on secure data storage and login methods to entities focusing on AI-driven healthcare solutions. The Information Services industry is extensively broad, coupled with a multitude of facets that constantly evolve due to technological advancements. This dynamic assortment promises exhilarating future prospects for Switzerland’s Information Services scene and the start-ups that form its backbone.

Each start-up mentioned in this compilation stands out due to its unique and practical business models, complimented by robust technological infrastructure. Whether their speciality is creating compelling apps, enhancing market effectiveness or accelerating business growth, every start-up here demonstrates an advanced understanding of the Information Services sector and an unwavering dedication to their craft. Let’s delve into this eclectic mix of Swiss-based marvels:


Zitadel brings a turnkey solution that aids developers with a secure login. Their ingenious frameworks bring an unparalleled level of login security, making raising the bar for Information Services startups.

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Agora Care

Revolutionizing the health industry infrastructure, Agora Care develops web-based, patient-centered storage for medical images. Their innovation is a solid example of how data can transform healthcare.


With a vision to change the way our mobiles use our data, ClearSky is utilizing Edge AI techniques. The future of mobile usage could be significantly dependent on companies like ClearSky.


Roll2Go is revolutionizing the biking landscape with visualisation and monitoring of shared micro-mobility. Their digital platform brings an entirely new facet to micro-mobility.

DeSci Labs

Aiming to foster transparent scientific research, DeSci Labs builds tools for open science. Their commitment to scientific progress is stimulating and widely lauded.


Assisting in reducing operating risks and enhancing market effectiveness for commodities trading and shipping, Covantis is helping to streamline these sectors with innovative data usage.


Axelra is dedicated to building and scaling tech ventures quickly. They partner with corporates and startups to drive swift and thorough digital transformation.


Believing in the power of democratizing innovation, Graypes uses algorithms and AI to rate businesses; thus uncovering potential investments. Their ground-breaking methods are setting an inspiring example in the Information Services sector.


thirty3 is aligning technology with human needs consciously. They create meaningful products changing the outlook of human-centered design.

International Growth Agency

Accelerating businesses’ growth through technology consultancy, International Growth Agency supports businesses in navigating the digital landscape.

Qube Creatives

Qube Creatives provides a diverse range of IT and design solutions. Their creativity and expertise bring a unique blend to the Information Services scene.

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Supporting the industrial communications, Elvexys designs innovative and robust solutions for grid data management, thus accelerating communication projects.

Groupe ELAN

Providing an array of support including marketing strategy, commerce, and digital solutions for business development, Groupe ELAN is changing the way businesses approach their market presence.

Mueller Vollenweider & Partner

Mueller Vollenweider & Partner‘s expertise lies in advising and supporting financial institutions in digital transformations. Their services are a vital asset in the financial industry.


Renowned for professional services and solutions surrounding data analytics and security, Datapunctum is leaving an outstanding mark in the Information Services sector.

Switzerland’s start-up scene certainly doesn’t lack innovative ideas, determination, or ambition. This glimpse at 15 outstanding Information Services start-ups illuminates the exciting and promising future that these entities are collectively envisioning – therefore shaping Switzerland’s place within the global start-up ecosystem.

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