What Are the Top US Data Center Automation Startups in 2023?

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, companies are increasingly turning to data center automation to improve efficiency and productivity. By automating their data centers, businesses can save time, reduce costs, and enhance quality by reducing human errors. Today, we present to you an array of innovative startups in the United States, operating in the field of data center automation. These up and coming firms are making exciting leaps forward using cutting-edge infrastructure, artificial intelligence and cloud platforms to help revolutionize an inherently complex and demanding industry.

Wyoming Hyperscale White Box LLC

Wyoming Hyperscale White Box LLC is a sustainable, next-generation data center developer utilizing liquid cooling tech to enhance energy efficiency in hyperscale data ecosystems. Headquartered in the United States, they’re making strides in revolutionizing how data centers operate and are maintained.


In the world of data infrastructure and analytics, Matterbeam is making its mark. Their cloud data platform is designed to ease the managing of vast data for companies, allowing businesses to further leverage their data for strategic decisions.


DeepSee.ai is at the forefront of AI-powered knowledge process automation. Their capabilities are helping transform the way companies manage data and automate procedural tasks, increasing speed and efficiency, and reducing errors.


Canid aims to streamline healthcare data management by simplifying vaccination processes for pediatricians, highlighting the wide-ranging industries that data center automation can impact.

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Affnetz.com is an integrated SaaS solution for Nonprofits, eliminating the need for multiple standalone software packages. They offer a one-stop solution for data management and automation.


Tenzai focuses on strategic outcomes through its data science and AI solutions, providing businesses valuable and timely insights to drive growth and performance.

OCR Gateway

OCR Gateway has developed a system for automating documents and data management. It extracts data from any source, constructs effective workflows and enhances collaboration among teams.


NextGen is a nonprofit organization focused on building data management solutions and cybersecurity skills for students and professionals, thus shaping the future of the industry.

Willis Technologies

Willis Technologies provides data automation, database administration, IT consulting, and risk management services. They assist businesses in managing and protecting their vast and valuable data resources.

Zayda Technologies

Zayda Technologies is a global technology company that works on innovative data center automation solutions to streamline and improve business operations.


DecisionVault takes a client-friendly approach to data automation. They collect data in an easily digestible format to aid in the automation of estate planning for their clients.

The BellWether Group

The BellWether Group provides comprehensive IT services including platform development, integration, data science, big data analytics, ICS, and IoT. The firm works to enhance its clients’ operational efficiency through automation.

Op Methods

Op Methods is a revenue operations consultancy that offers diverse services encompassing digital marketing, technology, data migration, campaigns, and reporting. They leverage data center automation to drive results for their customers.


Emtrey is revolutionizing UI testing with their automated tool that creates regression tests for visual testing of web applications, enabling easier and more efficient software development processes.

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A hybrid DeFi media platform, Sirocco, is leveraging data center automation in the dynamic field of decentralized finance (DeFi), showcasing the wide range of applications for this technology.

In conclusion, these 15 innovative startups are not only playing an instrumental role in pushing the boundaries of data center automation but are also exemplifying how automation can transform various industry sectors. As they continue to mature and evolve, they will inevitably shape the future of how businesses manage and use their data.

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