Which American Sales Automation Startups Are Transforming the Industry in 2023?

The United States has been a thriving hub for startup businesses, particularly in the realm of sales automation. With innovative tools and technologies, these startups aim to revolutionize and streamline the sales process, making it more efficient and effective for businesses of all sizes. Here, we have chosen 15 standout sales automation startups providing unique solutions to various sales-related challenges. From sales engagement platforms that fuel revenue growth to innovative solutions for freelancers, these startups are rapidly gaining popularity among sales teams of all sizes. Let’s delve into these fascinating companies and what makes them stand out.


RightBound is a sales platform that aims to automate and streamline the sales process. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent tools, the platform allows sales teams to create more targeted and effective sales strategies.

Feedcoyote | Techstars’23

Feedcoyote takes the loneliness out of freelance work with their powerful Collaboration Network Platform. The platform fuels efficiency, allowing freelancers to easily collaborate on various projects.


Upscale is a Sales Engagement Platform that accelerates B2B sales pipeline and revenue. It offers businesses a more efficient way to handle their sales operations, ensuring every lead is properly managed and nurtured.


B2Brain offers tailored solutions that automate account research and intelligence to improve conversions. The platform provides precise and crucial information to inform sales strategies.


Onlizer provides an innovative solution for service integration and processes automation. It enables both automators and businesses to enjoy an efficient and organized workflow.

Flash Lead

Flash Lead, a Sales management, and revenue intelligence software, assist salespeople in closing more deals in less time. This tool focuses on productivity and profitability, serving as a perfect companion for any sales team.

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Uptics aims to centralize your outreach activities in one place. It’s an intuitive platform that streamlines lead capture and follow-ups, making outreach less of a hassle.


SalesHive, an outsourced Sales Development agency, provides businesses with various services such as SaaS, Sales Development Automation, Marketing Technology, and Sales Automation.


Centro enables sales and support teams to Learn and react using Salesforce and Slack. The platform integrates with these popular tools, making it easier for teams to utilize and manage them.


LeadMagic helps businesses find out who is on their website, enables them to enrich and create a list, and facilitate communication. It’s a comprehensive tool for capturing and managing leads.


Truebase aims to make prospecting faster and smarter. It offers a solution that simplifies and speeds up prospect identification and outreach.

Breaking Mars

Breaking Mars is a modern prospect outreach platform aiming to expand your B2B business effortlessly. The platform automates the entire process, from prospecting to closing the deals.


Hyyer connects enterprises and startups with a talented community of Latinx women specializing in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. It provides businesses with seasoned professionals to enhance their sales and marketing efforts.

Hashtag Pay Me

Hashtag Pay Me is an effective tool for creators to handle everything from pitching to invoicing in one spot. It empowers creators to be their own agent, streamlining the entire creator-to-client transaction.

Xn Ventures

And finally, XnVC, a venture capital firm that invests in breakthrough technologies unlocking vast untapped markets. Its attention to sales automation illustrates the increasing demand and potential of this field.

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These incredible startups showcase the power of innovation in transforming and streamlining sales processes. As automation continues to demand attention in this rapidly changing industry, watch out for these startups as they redefine sales automation in the United States.

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Explore the bubble  Revolutionizing Public Relations: Can IT-Enhanced Marketing Boost Brand Awareness?

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