Which Australian Cyber Security Startups Are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

The cybersecurity landscape in Australia is rather developed with numerous cyber security start-ups providing both locally and globally-focused services. The quantum risks emerging with the rise in digital infrastructure has seen the birth of these start-ups. Each of these start-ups, in their unique way, helps mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks and are according to their business description and practice divided in various categories that cater to different cyber protection and security needs. Here are 15 of the most intriguing, innovative, and impactful cyber security start-ups in Australia for 2022:

1. Backrightup

Backrightup is an Australian Cyber Security company that focuses on cloud data management, cyber security, information technology, data signage, and internet restoration services. Their expertise lies in leveraging cloud infrastructure to provide secure, scalable, and systematic data management and protection solutions.

2. StarkNEX

Cyber security product development and solutions for the business and education world are the forte of StarkNEX. Their product and service offerings are specially designed to meet the unique cyber security needs of businesses and educational institutions.

3. Aus NewTechs

Aus NewTechs Pty Ltd is an IT Networking, Cyber security, Managed Cloud Backup and DR service provider in Australia. With tailored solutions for different businesses, they ensure the full spectrum of cyber protection and security.

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4. Anchoram Consulting

Anchoram Consulting offers a variety of services including enterprise architecture, compliance, cyber security, protective security, and project management services. They focus on a seamless integration of cyber security into all aspects of enterprise architecture.

5. CBR Cyber

CBR Cyber offers data security and management solutions to the Australian government and private businesses. Their focus lies on both proactive cyber defense mechanisms along with developing robust response strategies for potential attacks.

6. DigiConsult

DigiConsult uses technology as an enabler to solve customers’ business challenges, including cyber security issues. The firm adopts a business-first approach to cyber security, proactively addressing business challenges before they become an issue.

7. Humin

The online security marketplace Humin enables clients to compare and hire security freelancers. Their niche lies in providing flexible and diverse cyber security solutions as per client need and budget.

8. Fircy

Despite not yet having a website, Fircy is making strides in Australian cybersecurity, helping its clients detect targeted attacks in traditional server and container-based products.

9. Parade Warrior

Parade Warrior is a cybersecurity consultancy with a mission to enable businesses in developing and implementing rigorous cyber security strategies to prevent and counter cyber-attacks.

10. CyberBUND

CyberBUND aims to protect businesses by putting a stop to criminals impersonating their clients and suppliers to steal their money. They are known for their zealous approach and innovative solutions in fraud prevention.

11. Polarys

Polarys is a pioneer in cybersecurity advisory, cloud migration, identity management, SDLC automation and virtual infrastructures solutions. Polarys’ skill set helps businesses safely migrate to the cloud, automating the process of software development while keeping it secure.

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12. Cybernod

Cybernod provides cyber security assessment tool, designed to detect vulnerabilities and provide solutions for damage control and prevent future occurrences.

13. CyberPulse

CyberPulse is an IT company that provides network security, cyber security, and IT consulting services. Their unique combination of network and cybersecurity solutions make them stand out among their competitors.

14. Secure Forte

Secure Forte is an IT firm that offers various services including cyber security, risk management, audit, IT consulting, and supply chain management solutions. Their multi-disciplinary approach helps them successfully safeguard an organization’s digital infrastructure at each level.

15. Tannhauser

Tannhauser is an Australian company that specializes in providing privacy, cyber security, risk, and resiliency services. They operate with an extensive focus on securing digital privacy and infrastructure resilience to keep businesses future proof.

These are just a few of the dynamic and innovative cyber security start-ups making giant strides in Australia. Each of these start-ups is contributing to creating a safer digital environment for businesses around the country and sometimes the world, unraveling the potential of the digital world. We hope you found this short list of companies providing unique cybersecurity solutions interesting.

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