Which Canadian Cybersecurity Startups Are Revolutionizing The Industry in 2023?

Canada is increasingly becoming a hub for cybersecurity startups. These startups and companies are helping enterprises secure their digital assets with innovative solutions. From blockchain security to protecting critical infrastructure, Canadian cybersecurity startups cover a broad spectrum of industries, making major contributions to the security of data worldwide.

In this feature, we highlight 15 exciting cybersecurity startups and companies in Canada. Their cutting-edge solutions reflect the vibrancy and innovation of the Canadian tech scene. With these startups, Canada is positioning itself at the leading edge of the fight against cyber threats.

Whether it’s providing edge microsegmentation solution for better protecting remote endpoints on untrusted networks or ensuring the security and resilience of blockchain technology, each startup has carved a niche for itself in the cybersecurity landscape. Let’s delve into their offerings:


Byos delivers an edge microsegmentation solution that enhances the protection and management of remote endpoints on untrusted networks. This startup operates at the intersection of cybersecurity and network security, providing robust solutions to protect critical enterprise data.


Cavelo is a data discovery and cybersecurity startup. They provide tailored solutions to secure the extensive and complex networks of modern businesses. With an innovative approach to cybersecurity, Cavelo is a company to watch in this fast-evolving field.

Gray Wolf Analytics

Gray Wolf Analytics is building the future of blockchain understanding and security. As blockchain technology gains momentum in a wide range of industries, the need for effective security mechanisms increases – a need that Gray Wolf seeks to meet.

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Oppos is a provider of cybersecurity solutions and IT audit preparation. This startup helps organizations stay steps ahead of threats with their innovative and effective security, compliance, and audit solutions.


Palitronica provides cyber-protection for critical infrastructure and associated supply chains. With a particular focus on the most vital components of the digital landscape, Palitronica is at the forefront of infrastructure security.

BlokSec Technologies Inc.

Featuring an immutable, passwordless authentication system, BlokSec Technologies is revolutionizing how we think about online security. Their unique approach offers a strong defense against a wide range of cyber threats.

Verilog Solutions

Verilog Solutions is a full-stack Web3 Security Firm, providing comprehensive security for blockchain technology and web3 applications. This startup is helping to secure the future of blockchain and decentralized applications.

Hilltop Partner Network

Hilltop Partner Network is a member network of independent consultants and specialist firms dedicated to providing world-class cybersecurity solutions. Their collaborative approach ensures that clients get the best and most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions possible.

VPN Technologies

VPN Technologies provides virtual private network services to those seeking to protect their identity and personal data on the internet. Their services usher in a new era of digital privacy and security.

Supercluster Cybersecurity Alliance

The Supercluster Cybersecurity Alliance is a collective with a vision to deliver cloud security solutions that are easy to use, deploy and that offer enhanced security. Although they don’t have a website, their impact in the cybersecurity landscape is undeniable.

Neptune Cyber

Neptune Cyber specializes in marine cyber security. As more industries become interconnected via digital technology, Neptune Cyber’s services are becoming increasingly critical for the maritime sector.

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Co Guard

Co Guard is a network security company that offers SBOM, auditing, extended CI/CD, and cyber security services. This startup’s extensive range of services has made it a popular choice among businesses seeking to defend against cyber threats.

Total Support Solutions – Managed Antivirus Services in Canada

Total Support Solutions provides high-quality Antivirus IT services for businesses and organizations. With their expertise, this startup is well-equipped to provide top-notch protection for its clients.


Specializing in DevOps consulting services and tools, Reliza is helping businesses optimize their tech infrastructure while maintaining strong security protocols. This startup’s approach streamlines operations while ensuring that security is never compromised.

FSDC Solutions

FSDC Solutions is an IT company, specializing in cloud migration, data lake, DevOps & DevSecOps, application services & cyber security. With a suite of services that covers a broad spectrum of tech needs, FSDC is a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to enhance their IT infrastructure’s security and functionality.

These 15 cybersecurity startups demonstrate the innovative spirit and technological prowess of Canadian tech entrepreneurs. With their valuable contributions, they are ensuring a safer and more secure digital future for all.

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