Which Canadian EdTech Startups are Revitalizing Education in 2023?

With the advent of technology and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, education has been rapidly digitalized. As a result, the world of EdTech (Educational Technology) has become increasingly important. Today, we are focusing on the Canadian EdTech scene which is booming with a myriad of innovative startups. Through machine learning, virtual reality and other digital solutions, these EdTech companies are revolutionizing how we learn. Here are 15 of the most interesting Canadian EdTech startups.

InTuitionPay Inc.

Headquartered in Canada, InTuitionPay Inc. is a secure and convenient platform focused on assisting international students with tuition fees. This platform also promotes connectivity among students from varying countries.

1Mentor Inc.

An innovative startup, 1Mentor Inc. aims to bridge the gap between students higher education and the ever-evolving labour market. They help students understand the current market trends and prepare for the future of work.


Polyform, another Canadian EdTech company, provides an array of services within the education industry. They’re employing technology to enhance the way education is delivered and received.


Fledge has brought a new level of fun to mental health. They’ve gamified mental health support to ensure that children have the support they need to thrive.

Ensightful App

Ensightful App is designed to maximize the productivity of group projects. This tool aids instructors and students in higher education with efficient and effective team management.

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In a world where video content is king, Castofly brings a novel way for teams or individuals to create and collaborate on board-centric videos seamlessly.


A nifty platform, Beeznests connects companies with students for projects and internships, giving students valuable work experience while serving companies’ project needs.

Leading Learners

Learning gets convenient with Leading Learners. Their technology allows users to learn anything, anytime, anywhere.


Offering an international education industry training ecosystem, TrainHub acts as a platform that hosts a wide array of training resources and opportunities.

My First Montessori School Online

Bring the Montessori method home with My First Montessori School Online. This ed-tech company delivers education to children remotely.


Although they do not have a website at the moment, ViRA360 is an EdTech company that aims to simplify job placement and career fulfilment processes.

Wizar Learning

Wizar Learning has a goal to democratize access to quality education by making it affordable and entertaining. An initiative that aims to level the educational playing field.


Richedu aims to make students’ university life even more exciting and fulfilling. They are doing wonders in refining the university experience.

Empower Aces

Empower Aces is a technology platform developed to improve athletes’ performance and promote mental and emotional wellbeing through positive constructive change.

AHA Platform Inc

AHA Platform Inc, while lacking a website, brings the essential Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform for educators, athletic coaches, and even military generals.

In conclusion, Canada’s EdTech scene is vibrant and burgeoning. The innovations and determination of these startups demonstrate a commitment to reshaping the future of education. Only time will reveal where these advancements will lead, but one thing is certain: they’re shaping a bright future for learners everywhere.

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