Which Colombian FinTech Startups Are Revolutionizing the Financial Industry?

Colombia, a vibrant South American nation, boasts an exciting ecosystem of tech startups particularly in the FinTech industry. As consumers and businesses alike realize the potential of digital banking, blockchain, and insurance technology, the demand for sophisticated FinTech solutions is growing exponentially. In this article, we unveil 15 notable FinTech startups from Colombia that are leading the charge in financial technology innovation.

These establishments, ranging from professional education firms to digital banking platforms, insurance technology companies to cryptocurrency marketplaces, signify the robust and diversified nature of the Colombian FinTech landscape. They are redefining the way Colombians interact with their finances, thus shaping the future of financial transactions.

Below, we have provided a brief glimpse of each company, its area of specialization, and a link to its website. These companies exemplify the creativity, resilience, and dynamism of Colombia’s FinTech industry.


Protalento is a FinTech company committed to building bridges between professional education, fair finance, and job placement for individuals who are outside the traditional higher education system in Colombia.


FinZi serves as a digital banking and learning platform, providing bank accounts and debit cards for teens and helping to cultivate a generation of financially literate individuals.


Sekure is an on-demand cloud insurance platform that harnesses the power of digital technology to offer a wide range of insurance products to its users.


Linxe, an innovative FinTech startup, provides sustainable payroll-based financial services to employees, granting them enhanced control over their earnings.

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El Dorado

El Dorado operates as a P2P cryptocurrency marketplace, facilitating secure and efficient transactions between users.


DORA offers an innovative range of financial services tailored to renters, marking a profound shift in the traditional renters’ financial landscape.

Rayo Credit Colombia

Rayo Credit Colombia provides instant mini loans without collateral, making financial relief much more accessible.


Wallib is a mobile lightning wallet that facilitates seamless Bitcoin transactions in the real world.


Efinti provides liquidity to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America through an array of digital financial services in Fiat and Crypto.


SURETI is a Colombian DeFi platform that aims to tackle financial inequality in Latin America through comprehensive financial inclusion.


Toperty is making home ownership more accessible by eliminating financing barriers such as debt and down payments.


Monabit is a digital asset platform where users can buy, sell, and exchange digital assets and use them to purchase products and services.


Peakr offers procurement and cashflow solutions for MRO Purchasing, helping businesses better manage their maintenance, repair, and operations needs.

Finnova Fintech

Finnova Fintech is a tech firm that develops a payment platform and application, easing the way businesses transact and customers pay.


Simpol provides Latin Americans with a USD saving account alternative, powered by DeFi technology, challenging traditional banking norms in the region.

Colombia’s FinTech scene is vibrant, diverse, and growing. The above startups and companies signify not just Colombian creativity and innovation, but also the future of financial technology in Latin America and indeed, the globe.

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