Which E-Commerce Startups are Transforming Indonesia’s Online Shopping Landscape?

Indonesia, with its burgeoning digital economy, hosts a plethora of innovative E-Commerce startups. These businesses are leveraging technology to deliver unique products and solutions, disrupting traditional models and revolutionizing the way we do business in the country. Here are some of the most interesting E-Commerce startups and companies in Indonesia:

The common denominator among these startups is the use of technology to simplify and enhance the shopping experience for their customers. They differ in the markets they serve, the products they offer, and the strategies they employ to achieve their goals.

Here is a closer look at 15 remarkable startups and companies that are making waves in the E-Commerce sector of Indonesia.


99ninetynine.com is a fully integrated online marketplace operating in Indonesia. The platform operates with ease and convenience for users, making the buying and selling process effortless.


Mangdropship is a game-changer in the Indonesian E-Commerce scene. It is a digital marketplace that utilizes the drop-shipping method, providing consumers with access to a wide range of products.


GoCement connects businesses in Indonesia’s construction and real estate sector. This B2B marketplace facilitates trade, enabling businesses to efficiently handle their procurement demands.


iBooming is a SaaS platform that leverages TikTok for E-commerce distribution. This innovative approach makes use of the popular social media app to reach and engage new audiences.


AdPayLink provides digital and affiliate marketing services along with URL shortening. Their unique services enable businesses to streamline their marketing strategies and boost online sales.

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GJCUNIVERSE combines the world of E-Commerce with the captivating realm of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, providing creative business online support.

Ruang Halal

Ruang Halal is paving the way for halal commerce in Indonesia. As a halal marketplace and consultant, it assists SMEs in accessing domestic and international markets.

Littlecloud EO

Littlecloud EO is an online event planner that organizes all upcoming events. Its innovative platform simplifies event planning and coordination.


Istyle.id offers a wide range of products online, from fashion and beauty to digital devices, fresh food and furniture. Operating both retail and wholesale, it caters to various consumer needs.


InaProduct is a B2B marketplace focused on connecting sellers and buyers nationally and globally. Its platform supports different business models and various industries.


Paketan.id provides on-demand fulfillment solutions tailored for E-Commerce in Indonesia. It offers flexible, time-efficient and location-specific services to meet varying needs.


Berkahi operates as a fully compliant social commerce platform, providing a unique shopping experience that incorporates social interaction.

Shoesmart Fashion Corp.

Shoesmart Fashion Corp. is a multi-brand fashion house that offers an online platform for customers to access a vast array of fashion, footwear, and apparel.


Magpie offers tools for E-commerce market share and digital shelf analytics, enabling businesses to optimize their retail sector growth.


Belanjaboss boasts the world’s first borderless gadget shopping platform, providing comprehensive shopping concierge and shipping services, allowing its customers to order gadgets from anywhere in the world.

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