Which Emerging US Electronics Startups Are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

In our constantly evolving world, the role of electronics cannot be overstated. As new technologies are continually being formulated and built upon in the United States, innovative startups are leading the charge in this industry. Let’s take a look at some of the companies making waves in the electronics arena in the US, each pushing boundaries in their unique way.

These companies provide a range of solutions – from shaping future mobility and redefining health through neural code, to enhancing home office spaces and innovating in the realms of robotics and industrial automation. Here at Startup Bubble, we’ve compiled a snapshot of some exciting ventures in the US electronics industry.

Diving into the diverse world of electronics startups, we’re fascinated by how these businesses are using ground-breaking technology to transform our lives. Let’s delve into fifteen companies that are undoubtedly making an impact.


Hypercraft is a United States-based company focused on providing turn-key electric drive systems for today’s e-mobility demands and tomorrow’s wildest creations. They are specialized in catering to the nation’s increasing mobility demands.


Axoft is a pioneering company working to redefine health with unparalleled access to neural code. It showcases how technology can revolutionize health-related fields.

Distribution Depot

Distribution Depot is an electronics supplier platform that specializes in HVAC goods and services for manufacturers and contractors-an essential player in the electronics industry.

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CorePower Magnetics

CorePower Magnetics uses its patented combination of advanced manufacturing processes and novel materials to increase electric vehicle ranges. It’s paving the path for advancements in electromobility.


Klaris has created an at-home icemaker that produces clear ice cubes. The US-based company is expanding the boundaries of electronics at home.

Hapbee Technologies

Hapbee Technologies offers a wearable technology designed to guide the mind and body to the desired mental state. Imagine controlling your mental state at the press of a button!


Axtra3D has developed a 3D Printer powered by HPS technology. Lumia, with its unrivaled capabilities, outperforms most 3D Printers.

Day Three Labs

Day Three Labs greatly enhances CPG products with its portfolio of proprietary advanced technologies, an important innovator in the electronics industry.

Phlux Technologies

Phlux Technologies specializes in developing a sophisticated three-dimensional sensing technology that integrates with robotics, industrial automation, and autonomous vehicles. Hemming the way for our future, wouldn’t you say?

Powder Watts

Powder Watts develops smart camera computer vision technology designed to monitor and control heat cables on roofs during winter. Imagine the impact this will have on utility technology.


BusyBox focuses on smart work-from-home office spaces in the $34 Billion Smart Home market by creating products that assist both employees and employers. It’s a revolution for the home office!

Aqueduct Fluidics

Aqueduct Fluidics develops automation solutions for physical and life sciences research that can fit on a laboratory benchtop. A major player pushing the boundaries of laboratory research!

Vulcan Line Tools

Vulcan Line Tools specializes in providing electric utility solutions. They deliver unparalleled services to the utility industry.

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nexTC manufactures insulator and conductive oxide coatings for the energy and large area electronics markets, creating coating solutions that make energy and electronic products better.


TechSpecs is an API First Search Engine For Standardized Consumer Electronics Technical Specifications. It’s a reliable source for verified consumer electronic specifications and standards.

From reinventing e-mobility to designing innovative in-home products, this feature provides a glimpse into the diverse landscape of electronics companies in the United States. These exciting startups demonstrate the power of technology and innovation to transform lives and industries, paving the way for the future of electronics.

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