Which Facilities Support Services Startups Are Transforming the US Market?

In the world of startups, there’s extraordinary innovation happening all around us, in every sector. Among these sectors, the ‘Facilities Support Services’ has seen significant growth and evolution, especially in the United States. These ventures offer a wide range of services such as adoption process modernization, labor marketplace for office furniture installation, senior living resources, and much more. In this feature, we will shed light on some of these groundbreaking outfits making waves within the United States facilities support services scene.

The companies we are about to profile have a few common threads – they are all trailblazers in their respective sub-sectors, driving transformation through their unique and valuable solutions. They are truly reshaping the way businesses and individuals navigate their everyday operations and activities. Some are leveraging cutting-edge technology, while others are offering traditional services in new and improved ways, ensuring people can access the services they need with ease and effectiveness.

This lineup showcases not only the intrigue and innovation that permeates this industry but also the remarkable diversity that exists within it. Each company provides a unique twist on facilities support services, demonstrating the limitless potential of creative problem-solving in this ever-evolving industry. So, let’s get this ball rolling and take a closer look at each of these companies.


PairTree is transforming the landscape of adoption processes. Their work focuses on modern ideas and technologies to simplify and streamline the adoption journey.

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Steady Install

Steady Install operates a B2B labor marketplace platform, specifically designed to assist office furniture installation companies with project staffing.

Southern California Placement

The Southern California Placement company aids families in finding senior living resources. They’re a local, privately-owned company with a heart for service.

Mantis Innovation

Mantis Innovation utilizes technology to drive improvement in facility efficiency. They leverage proprietary software and data analytics to achieve this.

Axis Portable Air

Operating solely in the realm of portable air conditioning, heating, and air movement equipment, Axis Portable Air is a leading rental company.

American Elevator Group

Providing commercial and residential elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization services, American Elevator Group are experts in ensuring vertical transportation is kept in top shape.


GridHawk is a damage prevention company, offering essential services aimed at safeguarding assets.

Better Service

Better Service is a well-regarded facilities maintenance company, focusing on maintenance and repair solutions for businesses in various sectors.

NW Softwash

Providing exterior house washing services, NW Softwash champions a comprehensive approach to home upkeep.

Glacier West Self Storage

Glacier West Self Storage offers an array of storage services – serving business, personal, military, and climate-controlled storage needs.

Verus Management Group

Interested in commercial janitorial and facility services for businesses and corporations? Verus Management Group has got you covered.

Casey Klean

Providing both residential and commercial cleaning services, Casey Klean ensures environments are always in their best form.

Fortis Industries

Fortis Industries offers services in logistics, operations, warehousing, administration, and facilities investment, showcasing a versatile portfolio.

Everest Mechanical

Catering to your drain cleaning, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration installation, maintenance, and repairing services needs, Everest Mechanical excels, making sure systems run smoothly.

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AKP Technology

AKP Technology specializes in all things related to industrial boiler systems. They repair, install, and maintain boilers and ancillary equipment, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

In these 15 companies, we find an industry on the move, set on improving the experiences of businesses and individuals alike. Their innovation and excellence redefine facilities support services in unique ways, showing the power of creativity, strategy, and good-old-fashioned hard work. Each of these potential powerhouses holds the promise of making our lives simpler and more efficient, and we wholeheartedly look forward to witnessing their future triumphs in the evolving facilities support scene.

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