Which German Cryptocurrency Startups Are Pioneering the Industry in 2023?

Germany has emerged as a leader in the world of Cryptocurrency startups, housing a wide variety of innovative companies that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. This diversity spans across various sectors and offers fascinating opportunities and compelling business models. From venture capitalists to blockchain gaming studios, all the way to Layer 2 Optimistic Rollups on a blockchain network, it’s clear that Germany’s startup scene is a hotbed of crypto innovation. In this article, we are showcasing 15 exciting cryptocurrency startups from Germany that are shaping the future of this bustling industry.

Moonrock Capital

Moonrock Capital identifies itself as a crypto-native venture capital boutique that incubates web3 and blockchain start-ups to shape the world of tomorrow. As part of Germany’s vibrant cryptocurrency scene, Moonrock Capital’s primary goal is to foster the growth and development of blockchain-based projects that have the potential to transform our digital landscape.


Operating in the crypto industry, Coinsbee offers more than 2000 brands of giftcards and mobile top-ups for over 150 cryptocurrencies. This interesting approach to integrating cryptocurrencies into daily life provides a practical and widespread use of digital currencies, and more opportunities for crypto holders around the world.


StegX is another interesting startup linking institutional investors with professional real estate managers in both traditional and digital investment structures. StegX is contributing an innovative approach to the integration of cryptocurrencies into the real estate market.

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Autobahn Network

The Autobahn Network is the first Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup for the BNB Smart Chain. The player in the cryptocurrency field focuses on providing fast and transparent token transfers at near-zero cost.


Fabwelt represents an intersection of gaming and crypto with its multichain gaming studio. This start-up develops blockchain and cryptocurrency games that use NFT utilities, providing exciting opportunities for both gamers and tech lovers.

Paycer GmbH

Striving to make DeFi services user-friendly, Paycer operates as a bridge protocol company that integrates DeFi services with banking services. This fusion creates practical products that enhance user experiences in the world of decentralized finance.

solaris Digital Assets

solaris Digital Assets provides customers access to digital assets, functioning as a gateway for individuals and businesses looking to delve into the world of cryptocurrencies and beyond.


PEMBE.io enables developers and traders to become self-sufficient by providing them with ML-powered trading infrastructure. This approach empowers users by simplifying complex data analysis processes, thus facilitating smart trading decisions.


Bringing blockchain solutions to the gaming world, Achiefy is a platform for organizing and participating in video games challenges, tournaments, duels and events rewarded with NFTs. Achiefy represents a unique fusion of entertainment and blockchain tech.


Making cryptocurrencies accessible to novices, the BISON App simplifies the world of cryptocurrencies without compromising on extensive features. Users can easily buy, sell and track their cryptocurrencies with BISON.


Aimbining to create stability in the volatile cryptocurrency world, TheStandard.io offers stablecoins, digital asset management services, and other cryptocurrency solutions to users and businesses of all sizes.

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Pekuna helps with the taxation of cryptocurrencies. It offers expert opinions, training, and online courses for crypto investors, serving as a valuable resource for navigating the intricate realm of crypto taxation.


NewsCrypto.io is a financial services provider company that facilitates crypto platforms, trading, mobile wallets, and apps. Their cryptocurrency solutions cater to a large range of needs in this ever-evolving industry.

Better GmbH

Better GmbH is changing the way you see NFTs. The platform provides an interesting and innovative way to visualize NFTs, enhancing the user experience and connectivity with these unique digital assets.

Crypto Payment International

Crypto Payment International is a fintech company that builds an infrastructure to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies. Offering an easy and uncomplicated path to digital currencies, CPI is contributing pivotal tools to the crypto industry.

These 15 startups reflect the diversity and intensity of the German cryptocurrency ecosystem. Offering a wide range of services and innovative solutions, they are paving the way forward for the future of the digital world. We are excited to see what the future holds for these companies!

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