Which Indian Legal Tech Startups Are Transforming the Industry in 2023?

The legal sector is gradually adapting to the digital world, like other industries. Legal tech companies are breaking old boundaries with innovative ideas, making legal services more accessible. In India, the legal tech market is soaring, with startups creating solutions to address countless legal challenges. Let’s explore 15 innovative legal technology startups pushing the boundaries of the traditional legal space in India.

These startups provide wide-ranging solutions – from legal practice management to dispute resolution and innovative financial tools. This overview of some exciting legal tech startups in India not only demonstrates the sector’s thriving scene but also hints at the technological future of legal services.

The legal tech startups we have included in this article are solving practical problems using the latest technological advancements. Let’s move forward and venture deeper into their unique profiles.


Jupitice is revolutionising the way disputes are handled by offering a justice delivery platform to resolve them and providing ecosystem services. This startup aims to improve dispute resolution efficiency and effectiveness in an innovative and tech-driven way.


mLeAP is a legal practice management solution that helps lawyers modernise and be more effective by digitising their practice. The firm aims at assisting lawyers to streamline their practice, thus enabling easy case tracking.


Commenda offers financial tooling for a free world. With the goal of reshaping financial systems, this startup is bringing innovative solutions to traditional legal constraints.

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Dastavejwala.com is India’s first digital Dastavej service provider, facilitating document creation and legal paperwork online.

India Advocacy

India Advocacy is India’s first legal social networking platform, linking clients to lawyers. It’s a platform that enhances the potential of the legal community in an increasingly digitised world.

Gavel Legal

Gavel Legal offers a SaaS, mobile app, and web app which improves the provision and management of legal services within the legal field.


Instafiling is a platform offering SaaS, professional and legal services, and regulatory services. Their digital solution simplifies processes, making regulatory compliance, business registration, and legal services accessible.


Fastinfo provides people with legal, educational, and commercial services, making it one of India’s most important digital solution providers.


FIRSTCOMPANi prides itself as the only all-in-one business enabler tool. It’s leveraging technology to simplify the process of setting businesses and ensure legal compliance.

Discovery Master, LLC

Discovery Master, LLC is dedicated to making eDiscovery reporting easier, even for non-Relativity experts.

Indian Legal Tech

Indian Legal Tech provides media, business, research, and technology consulting services, thus promoting the adoption of modern legal solutions.


Legex is a legal service facilitator, which aims to enhance transparency and accessibility of legal services.


FIGHTRIGHT offers Litigation Funding, Analytics, and Services ensuring easy legal rights advocacy.


WeVaad makes affordable legal services accessible at a click of a button, simplifying Dispute Resolution.

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LawSimpl aims to make average Indian unique aware of his/her legal rights. They offer simplified solutions using tech-driven tools.

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