Which Indian Product Research Startups are Triumphing in Digital Innovation?

India, home to one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the world, boasts of a diverse range of startups disrupting numerous industries. An area that has witnessed some exciting innovations is Product Research. Here, we highlight 15 Product Research startups from India that are providing avant-garde solutions. From helping people live their authentic lives, commercializing groundbreaking AI and sensor technology, to developing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, these startups showcase the versatility and innovation of the Indian startup ecosystem.

The significance of Product Research can be traced back to its role in fostering growth and impact for businesses. Product Research startups are pivotal to the ideation, design, development and deployment of new and disruptive products. These startups play a huge role in formulating new ideas and promoting the efficient use of technology.

It’s crucial to shine a light on these game-changing companies that are driving evolution in their respective industries. Let’s take a look at these fascinating startups, their mission, and the value they bring to the table.


82°E is a product research startup that is centered on helping people live their most authentic and balanced lives. Armed with unique products and an innovative approach, they’re carving their niche in the Product Research industry of India.


With its roots in commercializing groundbreaking AI and sensor technology research, Maijker is making waves in the industry. Their advanced technology gives them the unique ability to deliver solutions that others cannot match.

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Neem Ayurveda

Neem Ayurveda is a D2C startup that offers a selection of ayurvedic products. Their research into the properties and benefits of Neem has resulted in a lineup of innovative and beneficial products.

GBS Labs

GBS Labs bring sustainable innovations promoting the efficient use of technology, contributing toward economic growth. They firmly believe in creating societal value through their cutting-edge product research.

Volt Panda

As Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure developers, Volt Panda is a vital player in the product research space. Their innovative solutions are helping pave the way for a greener future.


Prodeasy is a product management platform for teams of all sizes and maturity levels. They are aiding businesses streamline their product development processes with their innovative solutions.

Prescience Insilico

Prescience Insilico specializes in drug design, discovery, energy, and material discovery. Their work is on the cutting edge of tech, research, and development in the industry.


An IT company specializing in agility consulting, digital automation, data architecture, and product development services, Vikasietum is propelling businesses towards digital transformation.

MarketGenics India Pvt Ltd

MarketGenics is India’s fastest-growing Market Research Company offering end-to-end research services across India. Their insights and analysis shape decision making in businesses of all sizes.


PrimeInvestor is a wealth research firm which provides information about investment products through quantitative and qualitative metrics. They’re helping investors make informed decisions with their incisive research.

Read Market Research

Read Market Research is a rapidly expanding research and consulting service provider. They’re known for delivering in-depth and accurate market insights that drive strategic decision-making.

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UxSquare, despite having no website, has made its mark in the product research industry in India with its design services, proving the old adage that ‘work speaks louder than words’.


With a strong foothold in the research and development domain, INFYTECHNISM offers robotics and IOT services. Their advanced research has made them leaders in the tech industry in India.

TachyonByte Technologies

TachyonByte Technologies is a tech startup that creates technology that people want to use -not just for tech! They are changing the landscape of SaaS in India.

KM Virtual Assistant Services

KM Virtual Assistant Services provides a wide range of services from Web Research to Web Development, Data Analysis to Data Entry. Their variety of services puts them on the map in the Indian Product Research industry.

To conclude, these companies reflect the potential and creativity that Indian Product Research startups bring to the table. Their groundbreaking ideas and commitment to innovation are shaping industries and revolutionizing traditional processes. Their efforts, undeniably, are putting India on the global startup map, with a vibrant ecosystem that fosters growth and innovation.

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