Which Indian Startups Are Revolutionising the Future of Blogging Platforms?

Welcome to the world of blogging platforms, where anyone can share their thoughts, inspirations or knowledge with the world. In this fast-paced world, it’s essential to advertise your brand or business digitally. Blogging platforms play a critical role in creating a strong online presence. With the rising trend of digitalization, many startups from India have entered this industry. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting and innovative startups from the Indian subcontinent that have taken the blogging platform industry by a storm.

These platforms not only provide a space for individual expression but they also serve as a hub for businesses to promote their brands and share expert advice. They cater to a myriad of genres and interests, and each one brings its unique touch to the digital content industry. This list comprises platforms that focus on various sectors, including digital marketing, business, fashion, tech, news, and more.

While there are many blogging platforms in India, we have highlighted some of the most unique and exciting startups in this space. Each platform offers insightful and informative content for readers across a plethora of domains. Not only does this increase reach and readership, but it also provides businesses with an online platform where they can advertise their brands. Let’s dive into each of these companies to understand their uniqueness and specialties.

Digital Gabbar™

Founded by Rohit Mehta in 2020, Digital Gabbar is a renowned site providing digital content and marketing resources. This platform is a rich source of knowledge for those who wish to delve into digital marketing.

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We The Geek

Serving as a haven for software and app enthusiasts, We The Geek provides expert advice on these topics, helping users choose and understand various software platforms and applications.


TodayOnit is a multi-domain blogging platform that keeps users updated with the latest information related to business, marketing, real estate and more.


BloggHere is another popular blogging website from India. It possesses a diverse range of blog categories, offering something for everyone, regardless of their interest.


Viralminati aims to provide educational, insightful and entertaining content worldwide. It’s an interesting blend of all forms of content, making it a unique platform.

The Digital Skipper

With a focus on digital marketing, including blogging, SEO, SMM, and ways to make money online. The Digital Skipper has become a go-to platform for learning and keeping up with the digital marketing trends.

Techshole – Best Hindi Blog

Techshole is a Hindi blog that stands out with its localized content, thereby catering to a wider audience. They claim to be the best Hindi blog in India and cover a wide range of topics.

Trendz 4 Friend

Trendz 4 Friend is a multi-blog publishing platform which provides content writing service and advertising space at very competitive pricing.


dArticle.io is not just a regular blogging platform, it’s a decentralized blogging network that empowers writers from across the world, showcasing the power of decentralized services.

Yonoj Trade

Founded in 2020 by Bipin Pandey and Neha Pandey, Yonoj Trade is an e-commerce company that also provides a platform for a diverse range of blogs.


Another versatile blogging website, KyaLu caters to a wide range of topics, providing readers with a vast array of information.

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Incredible serves as a software development company that provides a platform for creating blogs and videos with near-zero editing templates. It’s a boon for those venturing into the blogging world.

Attention India

Attention India is a news publishing company based out of Mumbai. They cover both national and international breaking news and trends, keeping readers updated with current affairs.


BuzzTowns allows users to publish content across a range of niche topics, which contributes significantly to the diversity of their platform.

Offbeat – The Unusual One

Justifying its name, Offbeat – The Unusual One, offers unique and different content for readers who prefer less-traditional topics.

In conclusion, India’s dynamic and diverse blogging scene caters to every interest and industry, truly embodying the spirit of the digital age and providing a platform for voices and visions across domains. Happy reading!

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