Which Information Services Startups are Revolutionizing the US Market?

The world of startups is vast and dynamic — each week brings fresh, innovative ideas and companies into the spotlight. The field of Information Services is seeing significant growth as information continues to be a valuable commodity in today’s data-driven world. In the United States, several startups have emerged with unique offerings in the Information Services sector. We explore 15 of these companies and their contribution to this industry’s rapidly evolving landscape.

These startups range from RegTech solution providers to location data providers and innovative sports media platforms. They are leveraging technology to deliver new benefits, address real-world problems, and redefine traditional business models. Each start-up is making an indelible contribution to the Information Services sector.

With a keen understanding of technology and an innovative spirit, these startups are worth exploring. Here’s what you need to know about some of the most remarkable Information Services startups in the U.S. today:


Located in the United States, HData is dedicated to providing RegTech solutions to government regulators, regulated enterprises, markets, and investors. They use technology to streamline and simplify regulatory compliance processes, helping organizations scale efficiently.

Out Of Office

Out Of Office is a travel app that makes exploring the world simpler and more enjoyable. It allows users to discover and share travel recommendations and restaurants with friends, providing a more personalized travel experience.

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Resolve aims to help patients manage their medical debt. They essentially act as a Turbo Tax for medical bills, using technology to automate and simplify the process for patients dealing with medical debt.


As cybersecurity remains a pressing concern, CyberConIQ provides a style-aligned cyber risk management platform. They offer cybersecurity awareness training specifically for the education sector, providing integral insight and best practices for managing cyberthreats.

New Forge

New Forge is an integral player in the world of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. They are a system integrator and technology supplier of AR software and hardware, providing businesses with the tools they need to implement AR into their workflows.


Outlogic provides valuable location data for the retail, real estate, and financial markets. Their data-driven solutions help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their strategies based on accurate, real-time location data.


Nickels is making a significant impact in the financial industry. They assist consumers of banks and credit unions in managing their money using behavioral science, providing a scientific way of understanding spending habits and improving financial management.


TorchPro is a sports media platform that is redefining the way athletes engage with the media. They offer education and inspiration to the next generation of athletes, acting as brand managers and content creators for pro athletes.


Datapo.com aids businesses in increasing profits, reducing risks, and automating routine with their world’s largest business database. They provide a wealth of information that businesses can leverage for a competitive advantage.


Virtuosica™ is the first Do-It-Yourself virtual concert marketplace platform. It allows individuals and organizations to host their virtual concerts, democratizing access to musical talent and performances.

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Jobicy is a platform designed to help companies of all sizes power their business with remote talents. They provide a platform for companies looking to tap into the ever-growing pool of remote workers.


Designed for the food service industry, Hellometer is a service that makes managing fast food restaurants easier. They take a tech-approach to the challenges of the hospitality sector helping managers streamline operations and increase efficiency.


SARC MedIQ, INC is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with their Enterprise PACS, SaaS, Imaging workflow, Personal Information Management, and Teleradiology services. They are making medical imaging more accessible, accurate, and user-friendly.

Fire Pit Collective

Fire Pit Collective, committed to storytelling and authentic content, is revolutionizing how content is created and distributed across various platforms and outlets all over the world. Their commitment to authenticity sets them apart in the media landscape.

euphor.ai Inc.

Specializing in SaaS, Media, and Social Media, euphor.ai Inc. is bringing a new level of interactivity to digital experiences. This startup has found a unique niche within the Information Services sector, providing engaging and immersive technological solutions.

These fifteen startups are redefining their respective areas and setting the bar high for future Information Service providers. With constant innovation and technological prowess, these startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fresh ideas in the diverse world of Information Services.

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