Which Innovating UX Design Startups Are Influencing US Tech in 2023?

As the startup ecosystem continues to thrive in the United States, a new and exciting focus has emerged in the UX Design field. An increasing number of startups are innovating in this space, creating a richer user experience that melds technology and design. For those unfamiliar with UX Design, it refers to User Experience Design, which focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving a product’s usability, accessibility, and overall interaction. In this article, we will explore 15 startups that are contributing to this fascinating and essential facet of tech innovation.

The companies we will explore range from those offering digital marketing solutions to product development and IT services, all with a meticulous focus on UX Design. These startups demonstrate the breadth of possibilities within this field, showcasing how good UX Design can revolutionize various industry sectors. So, let’s delve into the innovative world of these UX Design startups, starting off with ‘Salty’.

Each company listed has its unique approach to channeling the power of UX Design. Throughout the article, we will provide a snapshot of these companies, including links to their websites for readers desiring more in-depth information.


Salty is an Embedded Insurance® technology company, focusing on the application of UX design in the insurance industry. They are revamping the way customers interact with insurance products, streamlining the process and rendering it more intuitive.

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Up next is Notably, a company that has built a qualitative research intelligence platform for designing SaaS products. By offering qualitative research, Notably helps other businesses understand their users’ needs better.

Black UX Labs

Black UX Labs functions as a bridge, connecting Black and Brown UX practitioners to hiring managers. This innovative professional development platform spotlights the talent and potential in these demographics, fostering diversity in the UX Design industry.

People Driven Technology

People Driven Technology is an IT services company that provides network and cyber security, cloud services, UX design, and physical security services, enhancing and streamlining user interaction with IT services.

Said Differently

Said Differently offers a range of services including product design, brand positioning, CRM programs, UX design, campaign development, and project management, utilizing UX design principles to create unique, user-focused solutions.

Userbit app

Your next UX toolkit could well be the Userbit app. It’s a reporting tool that offers the ability to streamline your design processes and enhance user experience.

Logic Cadence

Logic Cadence is a software development company that creates custom software, UX design, digital product development, and web services to deliver robust and user-friendly digital solutions.

Bluehour Digital Marketing

Bluehour Digital Marketing is a firm that integrates UX principles into website optimization, marketing campaigns, and reputation management, providing a holistic digital marketing approach.

Rubistone Technologies

Rubistone Technologies offers product development, staff augmentation, and consulting services. All of which exploit cutting-edge UX principles to ensure they meet the unique requirements of their clients.


Ampry is revolutionizing ecommerce with its unique conversion platform, taking user experience to the next level.

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Burrst dives into the sports industry, leveraging UX Design to help budding athletes in the web3 sports industry.


For companies lacking full-time designers, Meticular steps in as a UX department, using design principles to create user-friendly interfaces and experiences.


Apheleia is a SaaS development company that focuses on creating innovative digital tools and apps, all with an eye towards seamless user experience.

American Technology Experts

Rounding off the list is American Technology Experts, an IT service company providing software development and staffing solutions while maintaining good UX Design at its core.

Atreya Digital Health

Atreya Digital Health is blending digital marketing and consulting services while providing strategic solutions revolving around enhanced user interfaces and experiences.

While these startups are pioneering the field of UX design in different sectors, they all share a common motive – to enhance user experience. If this article has piqued your interest in UX design, explore the links, learn more, and get inspired by their innovative solutions!

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