Which Israeli Robotics Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

Israel has long been recognized as a powerhouse for tech innovation. The country is home to a number of high-tech startups, particularly within the Robotics industry. These startups are creating cutting-edge solutions, targeting sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, sports, and many more. Here are just some of the numerous interesting Israeli startups that are leveraging Robotics to shape the future.

ForSight Robotics

Based in Israel, ForSight Robotics develops a platform to execute and provide robotic ophthalmic surgeries. They are focused on revolutionizing the landscape of surgical technology and treatments, bringing world-class solutions to a crucial sector. Their innovative approaches in robotic surgeries mark a milestone in the medical field and contribute significantly to the betterment of eye care.


Strikeco is an intriguing sports platform, incorporating robotics to redefine the way we perceive and approach sports. Based in Israel, this unique company is working towards developing next-gen sports solutions, bringing technology and athleticism together for a revolutionary sports experience.


Recognized for its unique and cost-effective solutions, Katif is a pioneer in robotic vertical farming. They work to produce clean, nutritious crops with minimal human intervention, leveraging cutting-edge robotics technology. Katif’s advanced farming solutions reimagine the agriculture industry, making them a must-mention in the list of robotics startups.

Easy Floor Robotics

Easy Floor Robotics aims to redefine the way floors are made. This Israeli robotics startup is centered around creating autonomous technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of floor production, contributing indispensable tools for the construction and fabric industry.

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Kitchen Robotics

Kitchen Robotics is living up to their motto, “changing the world, one dish at a time,” by revolutionizing culinary experiences. Their innovative approach integrates robotics into kitchen settings, allowing for automated, high-quality food preparation.


Redefining outdoor maintenance, RoboDeck is developing an autonomous robot to clean and stain outdoor wooden decks. It’s another interesting startup from Israel providing remarkable robotic solutions for home improvement and outdoor upkeep.

SixAI Ltd.

SixAI Ltd. is a collaborative effort of technology and business veterans, creating advanced robotics solutions. Their strategic alliance is centered around improving business processes via robotics, marking themselves as significant contributors in the industry.


Bringing innovation to remote experiences, Zeppi allows users to engage in events remotely, employing a hovering video call balloon-robot. It embraces the advantages of robotics and technology to make connections more convenient and immersive.


Rootie offers facility management solutions, specializing in robotic maintenance and monitoring for commercial markets. Their proprietary platform meets the ever-evolving standards of facility management via the integration of robotics.

EpiDutech Ltd.

EpiDutech Ltd. designs a cutting-edge lumbar spine surgery system, reducing the invasiveness of surgical procedures. By integrating robotics in their surgical system, EpiDutech is making remarkable strides in healthcare technology.

MusashiAI Ltd.

Creating robotic employees, MusashiAI Ltd. designs and develops fully-automated solutions for their global clients. Their unique approach to workforce automation represents a significant shift in business operations and human resources.


ArcYtec specializes in technology consulting and development, playing a critical role in the robotics landscape through their technologically driven solutions. They are considered an influential player in the industry, serving a variety of sectors in need of robotic solutions.

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Operating in stealth mode, Airqules is a robotics company specializing in airborne robotic solutions. Their unique applications of robotics in aviation and aerial navigation make them a fascinating addition in the world of robotics startups.

Solaris Hydrobotics

Focusing on the clean energy sector, Solaris Hydrobotics develops autonomous robots powered by water, aimed at cleaning solar panels on land, water, and rooftops. Their technology equally addresses the challenge of solar panel maintenance and the need for eco-friendly solutions.


eXturn provides a robotic platform supporting the assembly of high-pressure piping systems. This Israeli-based robotics company is greatly influencing the assembly and manufacturing industry through their innovative solutions.

In conclusion, these robotics startups from Israel are reshaping industries across the globe, solving complex problems through innovation and technology. The country’s thriving tech ecosystem propagates an ideal environment to foster these startups helping them evolve into global leaders, disrupting markets with their unique robotic solutions.

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