Which Israeli Software Startups are Transforming the Tech Industry in 2023?

For years, Israel has been a hub of technical, entrepreneurial talent. Impactful startups continue to emerge, many of them centred around software development. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 of these companies that are currently making their mark on the industry. Ranging from innovative work in applicant management to advances in customer engagement, these startups reflect the diverse tapestry of the software industry in Israel.

It’s worth acknowledging the fact that Israel’s contribution to the worldwide ethos of startup culture continues to grow, particularly in the realm of software development. While it’s always important not to overlook the diverse range of sectors and industries involved, the software companies especially stand out for their unique and innovative approach.

By focusing on these 15 Israel-based startups, we aim not only to provide a snapshot of the current landscape but also to offer some insight into future trends. From Microsoft and Google flagging Israel as a strategic site for setting up their R&D centers to the innovative burst of new startups, the country is firmly part of the global startup landscape. Let’s dive in and learn more about these dynamic companies and what they do.


TaTiO is dedicated to helping businesses improve their applicant-to-hire ratio for high-volume positions. The software delivers access to candidates that companies may never have found otherwise, a valuable asset in the competitive job market.

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In the world of customer success management, you need continuous engagement to ensure lasting customer satisfaction. Everafter.ai offers software solutions that help businesses to keep up with their customers’ needs and expectations, even after their initial purchases.

Laguna Health

Laguna Health uses AI-powered contextual care management to aid in the healthcare industry. Its innovative approach to healthcare service delivery places it among the noteworthy names in the industry.


Stigg aims to give SaaS companies the agility they need in their pricing and packaging. With the platform, businesses can embrace a more flexible approach to their operations without sacrificing their profitability.


The Boards platform enables sales teams to utilise instant messaging to capture and engage potential customers effectively. This immediate and personal mode of communication can lead to more successful business transactions.


Focusing on the manufacturing industry, Jiga offers a platform for centralized, automated manufacturing sourcing. Businesses can streamline their supply chains and improve efficiency across their operations.


Permit.io offers a platform that enables developers to integrate permissions and access-controls into their products within minutes. This can save hours of development time while still ensuring the robust security and flexibility that modern software requires.


For businesses looking to improve customer engagement and workflow automation, Pragma offers solutions that can increase sales velocity, improve win rates, and build stronger relationships with customers.


STOREE’s platform focuses on retail technology, providing SaaS solutions that enhance businesses’ abilities to engage with and capture their target markets.


Amy offers a sales intelligence platform designed to streamline the meeting preparation process. The software offers in-depth insight into potential customers, enabling businesses to tailor their approaches effectively.

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Ctrl’s platform offers tools and solutions for sales and customer success professionals, allowing them to combine data from different platforms and create custom workspaces according to their specific needs.


Raftt offers a solution for developers frustrated with configuring, maintaining, and sharing development environments on their local machine. Their platform aims to streamline and simplify these tasks.


Reeco provides shopping solutions specifically for the hospitality industry. The focus is on providing a seamless, efficient system that can drive revenue and improve service delivery.


Phone.do is a personalised service network and platform, providing tools and resources that can help businesses greatly improve their customer engagement strategies.


Kardome stands out with its focus on clear voice interaction technology. The company’s offerings cut through the noise in a crowded marketplace, providing crystal-clear voice interaction solutions for a wide range of applications.

In conclusion, Israel is home to a wide variety of software startups that are making a significant impact across different industries. These companies epitomise the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship intrinsic to the startup culture in the nation. Through their diverse applications of software technology, they are not just shaping their respective industries but are also contributing to the global digital transformation journey.

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