Which Kerala Software Startups are Shaping India’s Tech Industry in 2023?

Kerala, an enchanting state on the Southwestern, Malabar Coast of India, is more than just a destination with breathtaking beaches, stunning backwaters, and diverse wildlife. It’s a hotspot for innovative software startups, shaping the IT landscape with cutting-edge solutions across various industries. This article puts in the spotlight 15 captivating software startups and companies in Kerala, their innovative services, and how they are redefining the tech ecosystem in the region.

The highly educated workforce and government initiatives supporting the startup ecosystem have contributed to the growth of the IT industry in Kerala. Additionally, the abundance of software start-ups in Kerala demonstrates the state’s potential to pioneer technology advancements and contribute significantly to the Indian digital revolution.

Evidently, Kerala’s startup ecosystem offers a wide variety of services, ranging from HealthTech solutions, digital adoption platforms, cloud-based CRM solutions, to web security services. This diversity underlines the impressive technological vibrancy within the state. Let’s explore the individual startups:

HECCO Technologies Inc (Prescribe)

HECCO Technologies Inc, a health tech startup based out of IIT- Madras provides IT solutions to doctors, clinics & hospitals leveraging user-friendly platforms.


Dashfrugal is a modern digital adoption platform designed for SaaS creators to manage self-service user onboarding and product training.


Doctosmart offers a complete clinic management software solution for medical professionals.


Pushmama, a B2B2C company, facilitates users to book pregnancy package from hospitals in India through their web application.

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Undaku is a no-code app development platform building SaaS applications, cloud computing, and CRM solutions.

Prophaze Technologies

Prophaze Technologies protects your Web APIs from cyber threats with their Kubernetes WAF and Cloud WAF solutions.


Acowale provides a cloud business management platform to aid in efficient business operations.


Ellow serves as a marketplace to connect companies and offers recruitment in software and information and technology firms.

Skizzle Technolabs Pvt Ltd

Skizzle Technolabs is a digital product engineering services & solutions provider, empowering enterprises with cutting-edge digital solutions.


Collatree offers web and app development, digital marketing, branding, and ERP solution services.

AutoSmart Technology

AutoSmart Technology offers quick setup, easy-to-use products that streamline workplaces for the digital ecosystem of the future.

Onesoft Technologies

Onesoft Technologies is a software development company dedicated to bringing innovative technological solutions.


Cloodot is an omni channel customer experience management platform enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Lares.ai standouts as a no-code ML as a Service platform simplifying the use of machine learning in various applications.

Reputed Firms

Reputed Firms is a platform for publishing testimonials, sharing customer experience stories, reviews, user stories, and client interviews, facilitating trust amongst stakeholders.

In a nutshell, Kerala is proving to be a vibrant hub for software start-ups, each contributing in their unique ways to the larger IT ecosystem, with innovation and technology at their heart. These startups are not just strengthening the state’s digital infrastructure but are also showing the way forward for others in the country to follow.

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