Which Korean AI Startups Are Leading Innovation in 2023?

South Korea’s reputation as a technological powerhouse is further solidified by the array of promising artificial intelligence (AI) startups that call the country home. These innovative companies are harnessing the power of AI to transform a variety of industries. From food technology and drug discovery to education and sustainable development, these startups prove the breadth and potency of AI. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 15 outstanding South Korean AI startups, their work, and how they are pushing the envelope of innovation.

Upstage AI

Upstage AI helps companies to concentrate on their core businesses by leveraging artificial intelligence. The startup manifests an optimistic future for the business industry in South Korea.

Future Kitchen

Future Kitchen is a food tech platform startup. The company uses an AI system to create the ordered food, shaping the future of food tech industry in South Korea.


PharmCADD is an AI-based platform providing faster drug design through protein structure prediction algorithms, MD simulation, and quantum calculation.

Sapeon Korea

Sapeon Korea provides a data-center-purposed commercial AI processor capable of performing large scale computations.


NetTargets is a leading AI-based drug discovery research service in Korea.


Terenz leverages AI to simplify the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.


HEYSTARS develops AI-based Korean conversation education applications using K-culture contents.


Ypolaris is an IT company offering artificial intelligence, big data, and fintech services.

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Collegenie AI

Essay Fit, run by Collegenie AI, is an AI-powered college application evaluator service.


Ninewatt uses IoT, data, AI and administrative services to solve urban problems.


GLURI provides Korean language learning services using AI technology.


DSLab Global provides AI automation solutions that let anyone create and implement deep learning-based AI models with just a few clicks.


FutureSense provides consultations, blockchain system development, and AI, IoT & big data-based tech implementation services.

Vivity AI

Vivity AI is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent future in the industrial and energy industries.

Salad Factory

Salad Factory is developing a diet app based on artificial intelligence technology.

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