Which Service Industry Startups are Shaping India’s Economy in 2023?

India has recently witnessed an enormous surge in innovation and entrepreneurship. From health-tech to ed-tech, pet care, automotive services, and numerous other sectors in the mammoth service industry, Indian startups are making waves. The following are some intriguing startups in the service industry that are reshaping how businesses operate and serve customers in India.

These startups are deploying state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, while keeping customer needs and values at the core. Their innovative products and solutions are not only satisfying local needs but also creating a global impact as they expand their services across borders.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, professionals seeking novel opportunities, or anyone interested in learning about India’s vibrant service industry startups landscape would find this article beneficial. Let’s take a look at these startups’ unique products, solutions, and impacts.

Heaps Health

Heaps Health is a health-tech and Network as a Service provider. Using AI, Machine Learning, and advanced data analytics, Heaps Health is revolutionizing the healthcare sector in India.


DocPlix offers professional diagnostics and health check-up services, making healthcare more accessible and reducing the burden on physical hospitals and clinics.

Papa Pawsome

Papa Pawsome specializes in pet products, providing pet owners with quality pet care supplies and improving the overall pet care industry.

Zoivane Pets

Zoivane Pets offers a variety of pet products and grooming supplies, serving pet owners’ diverse needs and ensuring that pets are well-groomed and healthy.

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Autoly AutoCare

Autoly AutoCare aggregates the Automobile Service Industry using Artificial Intelligence and Location Services, making auto care more efficient and effective.

Tritan EV Dock Private Limited

Tritan EV Dock Private Limited provides charging solutions for electric vehicles, fostering and facilitating the transition to less carbon-dependent vehicles.


OYMOM HEALTH PVT LTD offers veterinary health services, medicine, feed supplements, and insurance for cattle, reaffirming the significance of animal health in farming and improving farm productivity.

Veranda Learning

Veranda Learning offers a diverse range of career-defining digital courses, bridging the gap between academia and industry by providing industry-relevant courses.


Royaleplace provides unique venues for film shoots, photographs, events, and gatherings, seamlessly integrating the service and entertainment industry.


BikeWo is leading the electric vehicles revolution in India by providing comprehensive solutions for EV needs.

P2P Bazaar

P2P Bazaar is an online marketplace offering a wide selection of peer-to-peer products, simplifying the direct trading process between customers in India.

The Fan’s Place

The Fan’s Place enables businesses to engage their customers in fantasy sports contests, creating new avenues for customer engagement and loyalty.


AFYND is a software development and recruitment company, developing cutting-edge software solutions and attracting talent in India.


Envisionists offers training services and facilitates placements, contributing to filling the skills gap and unemployment in India.


GarageWa connects customers with trusted mechanics online, reinventing the auto repair industry by instilling transparency and efficiency into the system.

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