Which Service Industry Startups are Shaping Spain’s Economic Landscape in 2023?

Spain is a hub of ingenuity and innovation, home to a vibrant and growing startup scene. New companies are emerging all the time, revolutionizing the service industry with ingenious ideas and tireless determination. With a focus on offering value-added services and improving customer experiences with technology, these startups are making waves both locally and globally.

Now we are going to delve deeper into the Spanish service industry startups that are making their mark. These companies, with their innovative ideas, are disrupting the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the service industry.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these Spanish service industry startups and their intriguing work.


Vermut is revolutionizing the senior lifestyle through their platform. Vermut is a marketplace of unique experiences complemented with a vertical social network, aiming to enrich the lives of seniors. Based in Spain, Vermut is shaking up the industry by providing a social platform distinctively designed for the elders.


Science4Tech is a company dedicated to providing value-added services based on SaaS technology and applications to accelerate clinical trial outcomes. Their cutting-edge technology is propelling advancements in the medical field, making clinical trials more efficient and beneficial.


Normo is an innovative company that provides end-to-end encrypted hardware and software that can accept shipments from any courier service. They are making strides in the shipment and delivery industry with their safe and secure solution.

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Beauty Up

Beauty Up is an on-demand platform that delivers beauty services right at your doorstep. Their platform connects beauty professionals with customers, providing convenient and personalized services in the comfort of customers’ homes.


Sideways provides fleet management software services to make the management of vehicle fleets easier and efficient. They are at the forefront of fleet management innovation.


JoinHome is a proactive rental service that connects with potential tenants based on their preferences, needs, and personal circumstances. They aim to simplify the process of finding and renting a home.


Tecfys is a subscription service for home appliances and electronic devices. They are working tirelessly to change the way people purchase and use appliances.


Servicialsoy is a Workforce-as-a-Service (WaaS) platform that helps businesses access a larger pool of reliable gig workers, thus empowering these workers with more job opportunities.


chartOk is a teamwork & collaboration tool specifically designed for the hospitality industry. They aim to make collaboration more efficient, resulting in improved service delivery.

Smart Ventures

Smart Ventures is a company that develops technological projects. With a focus on smart technology, they are facilitating businesses to adapt to the changing technological landscape.


Beaktor is a furniture company that is helping individuals and organizations transition to remote work through their inspiring and sustainable offerings.

Astroland Agency

Astroland Agency is a remarkably unique company that tests technologies and develops skills for living in the hostile environment of Mars.


Inklarity aspires to become the heart of the tattoo community’s daily life by bridging the gap between tattoo artists and clients.

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Limpiu is a digital platform for the cleaning industry, aiming to digitalize, formalize, and dignify cleaning services in Spain.

advira ventures

Advira Ventures is a Barcelona-based operational technology investment partnership that serves passionate and driven entrepreneurs looking to bring innovation and change.

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