Which Singaporean Machine Learning Startups are Steering Industry Innovations in 2023?

Singapore has been positioning itself as a hub for startups, particularly in the field of Applied Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Among these startups, the most impactful ones are on the cutting edge of Machine Learning (ML), harnessing the power of AI to innovate and disrupt various industries from hospitality and ecommerce to fintech and bioengineering. Today, we explore some of these trailblazing ML startups that call the Lion city their home.

These startups are not only pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible but they’re also making a significant impact on their industries and improving operational efficiencies through their innovative solutions. They are the brains behind some trailblazing AI-driven software that companies around the world now heavily rely on.

Here are 15 noteworthy startups based in Singapore employing Machine Learning to create state-of-the-art solutions for industries and end-users alike. Each organization has its own unique story, clear vision, and a transformative product to showcase.

Radiant1 Pte Ltd

Radiant1 is bringing machine learning to the hotel industry through its AI-based revenue management system. By leveraging AI and ML, Radiant1 helps hotels boost their revenues by providing accurate, real-time pricing recommendations. The company is changing how the hospitality industry approaches revenue optimization.

Sassbook AI

Sassbook AI‘s innovative machine learning software enables rapid content creation by automating the process. Its AI SaaS platform has been designed to automate tasks that were previously dependent on human creativity, thus driving efficiency in content production.

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Polynomial Pte. Ltd.

Polynomial offers intuitive engineering solutions enriched with a conversational edge. The machine learning company is paving the way for collaborative and interactive conversations between humans and machines to drive effective outcomes.


TalentX.ai, dubbed Asia’s first AI-powered offer management platform, uses ML to optimize talent acquisition and management. The platform is engineered to ease the recruitment process and enhance the candidate experience.


The perapera.ai platform develops machine learning solutions to help individuals boost their international career prospects and improve their work and language skills. It is shaping the future of the global workforce.


At Qallix, AI and machine learnings solutions are being used to build an eCommerce ecosystem that enables merchants to be data-driven. This startup is redefining how businesses approach eCommerce and data insights.


SinGene is a bioengineering firm that uses machine learning to detect bacterial and viral contamination throughout the food supply chain. The company is ensuring the safety and quality of food from farm to fork.


FinTech startup BRDA leverages AI and machine learning technologies in its solutions to decipher Big Data. With its innovative technology, it’s making the analysis of complex and vast data simpler and more accessible.

Surge Analytics

Surge Analytics leverages machine learning for its SaaS simulation software, aiding in rapid and cost-effective energy storage R&D. The startup is playing a critical role in energy solutions for the future.


AIDDT employs self-learning generative AI for end-to-end drug design, changing how pharmaceutical companies approach the drug development process. The company stands at the intersection of healthcare and machine learning.

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Feeders is an environmental tech startup using machine learning to save lives and electric grids. They focus on wildlife conservation through personalized feeding solutions that reduce human-animal conflicts.

Green My Carbon

Green My Carbon uses machine learning to enable businesses to measure, monitor, reduce, offset, and report their impact on climate. This is an end-to-end platform for climate-conscious businesses looking to leave a positive environmental footprint.


iNextLabs strategically uses machine learning to develop conversational AI chatbots for Banking, Retail, F&B and Healthcare industry. They are pioneers in creating smart AI solutions focused on customer engagement and service.


The Job2AI technology, Rachel, an AI-powered recruitment tool, uses machine learning to streamline the hiring process. They are reshaping how companies manage their human resources.

Trivi Data

Trivi Data is leveraging machine learning to create long-term sustainable value for customers. With its global technology solutions, the company is contributing to shaping the future of data integration and IT systems.

From these examples of inventive machine learning startups in Singapore, it is clear that machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming not just one but an array of industries, aiding the development of smart, effective, and efficient solutions across various sectors.

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