Which Software Startups Shape Santa Catarina’s Tech Industry in 2023?

Brazil has always been a hotspot of innovative startups, teeming with bright minds, revolutionary ideas, and relentless ambition. One particular region that stands out is Santa Catarina. This state has become known for cultivating some truly fascinating software companies, leveraging cutting-edge technology for a variety of unique solutions. Nestled among the verdant flora and beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina, these startups are leaving an indelible mark on the global tech scene.

If you want a glimpse into the future of information technology, all you need to do is look at these fifteen companies from Santa Catarina. From real estate platforms to fintech firms to systems developers – their ingenious services are transforming industries by providing faster, more efficient, and smarter solutions.

Let’s delve into these software startups, illuminating their visions, showcasing their innovative solutions, and retracing their bold journey towards reshaping the tech ecosystem in Brazil and beyond.


Captei, a real estate capture and fundraising platform, leverages smart search for ads and owners along with a potent CRM for real estate capture and agency. They have positioned themselves as the go-to solution for real estate professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their business.


Offering users the ability to create and sell their online courses, Kiwify provides services like payment processing, video streaming, and student management that takes off a majority of the burden from the course providers.

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Leve is a systems developer and digital platform that works as a banking correspondent. They provide digital credit access solutions to employees, revolutionising the way banking is approached at workplaces.


Logimind is spearheading the home automation extravaganza with wireless 5G and artificial intelligence, adding a layer of comfort and convenience to modern living.


Payfy is automating expense reports and simplifying company spending with their smart company cards, a delight for every business looking for streamlined expense management.


Fintech firm Partnr specializes in developing exchange data analysis and distribution systems that are becoming increasingly crucial in the financial industry’s digital transformation.


HARDS brands itself as the first Brazilian Hardware+Software Accelerator, fostering innovative ideas and pushing them towards reality.


Code7 is simplifying communication between brands and consumers with their comprehensive communication platform, fostering strong and meaningful relationships.


Harmo is integrating Online Reputation Management with NPS, CES and CSAT Surveys, ensuring businesses get a 360 view of their customer experience and identify areas of growth.


Providing parking revenue management, land identification, mobility tracking, and analytic solutions, LOTS is redefining efficiency for parking management businesses.


Lyncas offers system development outsourcing, software development, and systems integration services, ensuring optimised and streamlined business processes.

D3T Custom Software

D3T Custom Software offers bespoke software, application, and website development services for businesses looking to harness the full potential of IT solutions.

Pilar Sistemas

Pilar Sistemas provides web, mobile and back-office solutions, including technology, software and digital consulting services.


Website hosting company GnomoHost offers robust solutions, including virtual private servers, cloud computing, elastic cloud hosting, and resource scaling for businesses of all sizes.

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SpinCare is an IT company that develops management software for home care companies, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced care for patients.

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