Which Swedish E-Commerce Startups Are Dominating the Industry in 2023?

Sweden, as a digitally advanced country with a strong penetration of internet usage, has seen a rise in e-commerce. Several startups have emerged in the scene, establishing their online presence with innovative ideas. This article will shed light on some of the most interesting e-commerce startups and companies from Sweden.

These startups span across various industries including fintech, online retail, health & wellness, and more. Their offerings range from sustainable household cleaning products to an online platform for exquisite fashion products, catering to a wide spectrum of online shoppers.

Let’s dive into these companies to understand their offerings and their contribution to the e-commerce landscape in Sweden.


Juni is a fintech company that has developed a banking app and platform for e-commerce and online marketing entrepreneurs. Their platform aids businesses in tracking performance, managing costs, and simplifying their financial operations. Juni is making waves in the e-commerce and fintech industries in Sweden.

Go North

Go North operates as an e-commerce aggregator, gathering products from multiple online sellers to provide a comprehensive online shopping experience. Operated by Amazon FBA entrepreneurs, they combine cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach.


Jiroy brings together the biggest brands and stores in one place, presenting a robust marketplace. Their platform simplifies the online shopping experience by offering a wide range of products to customers.


Medex is an online store specializing in sports protection, training technology, test and measurement equipment, and dietary supplements. Their focus on niche segments like sports and training sets them apart in the e-commerce space.

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DealGuru is a stealth startup operating in the e-commerce space. Their core proposition remains to be unveiled, but they promise to bring a fresh perspective and ideas to redefine online shopping.


SKOSH emphasizes sustainability, producing and retailing household cleaning products. They use ingredients that are friendly to both the environment and the users, standing up to their commitment to sustainable living.

Ecommatrix AB

Ecommatrix AB is a Swedish IT-Partner company with employees spread across the globe. They bring their global expertise to the e-commerce realm, serving Swedish customers broadly and efficiently.


VacAgent offers a B2B vacation rental online reservation system for travel agents, property managers, and online portals. Their role is critical in knitting the travel industry together for seamless business operations.


Caterking provides an online marketplace for searching, comparing, and ordering catering online. They simplify the process of arranging for catering, thereby making event management less stressful.


SLPanda is a startup dedicated to the South-Asian expats living in Sweden. They offer online grocery shopping and home delivery of Indian groceries in several areas of Sweden. SLPanda takes the hassle out of finding favorite international foods for immigrants.


Gemme is a unique platform that allows users to rent fashion products from collections shared by fashionistas. This concept promotes a sustainable approach to fashion, allowing people to enjoy high-end products without the high-end price tags.


doglove is a pet-centric e-commerce company offering a variety of products for dogs. From clothes to food and toys, doglove keeps a pet owner’s needs at heart, providing an extensive range for pet products.

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Lalaplants is an online store providing high-quality plants at fair prices. Their platform makes it easy for plant enthusiasts to find and buy unique and healthy plants.

Humans Are Vain

Humans Are Vain is an e-commerce platform specializing in footwear and accessories. With their trendy selection and user-friendly interface, they offer an easy-to-navigate, fashion-forward online shopping experience.

eComero Management AB

eComero Management AB has been a part of the e-commerce business for over 20 years. As an Adobe Partner, Microsoft Partner, Shopify Partner, and more, they leverage their longstanding experience and partnerships to excel in the e-commerce industry.

These startups have effectively utilized the rise in e-commerce in Sweden, bringing forth innovative solutions and unique offerings. Their success not only contributes to the Swedish economy but also sets a strong foundation for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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