Which Swiss Web Design Startups Are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

Switzerland, renowned for its precision, neutrality, and banking, is also a hotbed for innovation in different sectors, including the digitalscape. The country’s vibrant web design industry is alive and kicking, fostering startups that marry functionality with aesthetics to create standout web presences. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the most interesting web design startups and companies coming out of Switzerland; ranging from those focused on software technology, online marketing services, to designing, building, and operating business-critical IT infrastructures.

We’ve collected a selection of 15 startups that we believe are making waves in web design. We’ve considered factors such as their client base, services offered, and innovative approaches to web design. So whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking for a new design agency, or are simply interested in what’s going on in this corner of the startup cosmos, it’s worth knowing about these Swiss startups and companies changing the landscape of web design.

The list we’ve compiled features startups serving diverse industries, proving that the demand for high-quality web design is universal. Without further ado, let’s delve into these companies and find out what makes them tick!

Easy User Test

Easy User Test is a productivity tool that enables users to validate the text and design elements for websites, ads, and emails. Taking the guesswork out of web design, it offers an easy platform to examine and improve user experience.

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Axisbits GmbH

With a knack for cutting-edge software technology, the team at Axisbits GmbH specializes in creating bespoke web design solutions for diverse industries.

Mainweb Solutions KLG

Mainweb Solutions KLG is a total web solution company providing services in web design, development and online marketing, helping businesses claim their space online.


Aiming to digitize the hospitality industry with top-grade design, Bookplan styles itself as the Shopify for Hotels, offering tailor-made design solutions for this sector.

Salz & Water

Salz & Water offers an impressive list of services, ranging from branding and website design to digital marketing, all targeted at providing businesses with a compelling web presence.


Your trusted partner for Agile Software Development, kadasolutions leverages agile methodologies to build beautifully functional websites that can adapt to the changing digital landscape.


lavitto ag holds special expertise in corporate website design, online marketing, and even cloud solutions – pretty much everything a contemporary enterprise needs to stay relevant online.

Klap Solutions

While Klap Solutions is primarily a medical equipment manufacturing company, it also offers web design services, indicating the need for distinctive web design across all industries.


Kleap is a mobile-first web builder that is easy to use and highly productive, making the task of creating attractive, mobile-friendly websites a breeze.

Ganz digital

Ganz Digital offers a wealth of IT services, including web design, app creation, digitalization, and business marketing to help businesses navigate the digital sphere successfully.


In today’s digital landscape, Targetwing acts like a GPS, providing digital marketing consulting services
to companies looking to establish a strong online presence.

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OZAM excels in mobile and online application development. The company goes above and beyond to create digital experiences that make life easier for people, municipalities, associations, and merchants alike.


Ducksify specializes on designing, building, and operating business-critical IT infrastructures in regulated environments, aiming to create designs that simplify complex digital systems.


28design is a well-rounded design studio offering graphic design, web design, and digital marketing services, reinforcing that great design has to be cohesive across all platforms.


The team at glaromarketing provides marketing and digital services, focusing on designing user-friendly websites that also serve key marketing requirements.

All in all, the diversity and innovation present within these Swiss web design startups and companies are exciting and testament to Switzerland’s vigorous and eclectic digital scene.

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