Which Thai Software Startups are Transforming the Global Tech Landscape?

The world of software in Thailand is diverse and dynamic, with a range of startups leading the way in innovation. From companies specializing in leveraging AI technology for fund management to platforms focusing on job placement and career development, these startups are writing the future of software in Thailand. Let’s delve into the exciting world of these software startups and showcase what they have to offer.

In a context where technology has become a central component of nearly every industry and personal lifestyle, the value of software startups is on the rise. The creativity, novelty, and adaptability offered by these companies counter the traditional ways of doing things, making them the centerpiece of digital revolutions. In Thailand, such revolutions are manifold, varied, and edging towards a digitally infused future.

In this article, we will explore 15 interesting software startups in Thailand—ranging from financial robotics by AI technology to SaaS—and see what they bring to the table. Each of these startups, in their unique ways, is painting a picture of a world where technology, innovation, and digital transformations coalesce.


PolarBear100X is a software company making strides in the financial sector. Their speciality lies in researching and developing financial robotics aided by AI technology. They manage funds in FX, Futures, and the Crypto Market integrated with a Blockchain-based on CeDeFi. Based in Thailand, their operations mark an interesting intersection of finance and technology.

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Offering users the capacity to curate their personal worlds, Jakaverse opens up possibilities for islanders to own and monetize lands (JAKA). Their operations add a technological dimension to real estate and personal spaces.


With their AI-based cognitive templates, Ztrus offers automatic data entry services. They cater to different types of documents, using OCR and making data entry automatic, reliable, and effective.


Robinhood is an online food delivery application carving a niche in the software industry by merging food delivery with technology, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.


A skills hiring platform, Huneety brings software solutions to the real problem of job placement and hiring. The platform embraces the technology to optimize job listings and candidate selection.

True Digital Park

True Digital Park serves as a comprehensive and open startup ecosystem aiming at powering Thailand to become a global hub for digital innovation. They offer a platform supporting new software startups and entrepreneurs.


A portfolio tracker providing analytics and visualizations for global stocks, cryptos, ETFs, Portseido provides finance and investment with a modern, technological edge.


Websplash is a website agency specialized in Web Development, Web Design, Domain and Hosting. They offer software solutions to pioneers in the digital world.


Through career innovation, Devcurate seeks to accelerate impact. They are a software company transforming job, career and skill advancement with a touch of technology.

Hire Quality Software

Providing quality software development outsourcing, Hire Quality Software leads in the industry by providing superior software solutions.

The Existing Company

Specialized in providing software solutions for the telecom, finance, and real estate sector, The Existing Company leverages technology and innovative design to transform these markets.

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Launchr provides a platform and services in software and productized service, assisting startups and entrepreneurs in their digital journeys. They are the fuel behind numerous digital successes.

Multithread Labs

Offering mobile apps, consulting, and Amazon web services, Multithread Labs is a product development company that works across multiple software realms to offer well-rounded technological solutions.


Foxbith is a software development company that specializes in creating digital products. Their work is at the forefront of digital product creation and evolution.


SingTham is a SaaS startup that employs software solutions for an array of industries. Their service offerings bridge the gap between business operations and technology, facilitating smoother and more efficient workflows.

In conclusion, the software landscape in Thailand is populated with diverse, innovative, and forward-thinking startups. With their technological solutions and unique strategies, they are reshaping industries and personal lives, one software service at a time.

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