Which Trading Platform Startups Dominate Singapore’s Market in 2023?

The world of trading platforms has evolved tremendously over the past decade, thanks to advancements in technology. This change has led to a surge in startups that offer platforms to serve various financial and trading needs. Excitingly, the Singaporean market is home to several firms that have become invaluable players in this industry. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 leading trading platform startups in Singapore, highlighting their roles, services, and contributions to the financial sphere.

Trading platform startups in Singapore serve a variety of sectors, from digital assets and cryptocurrencies to commodities and real estate investments. By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative approaches, they offer trustworthy, convenient and user-friendly platforms for local and global traders. These startups reflect Singapore’s status as a crucial financial and tech hub in Southeast Asia.

Whether you’re an investor, a trader, or simply someone with an interest in the industry, these companies deserve your attention. Let’s dive in and explore what each has to offer.


Trustana is a curated marketplace where users can find verifiable and reputable international trade partners. Serving as a trusted intermediary, it enhances the efficiency and safety of global trades.


Fragmynt is a decentralized financial system designed for traditional financial products. It uses blockchain technology to facilitate quicker and safer transactions, offering a more streamlined approach to finance.


Dedicated to the growing sphere of options, the deltatheta protocol provides a decentralized options order book trading service. deltatheta is revolutionizing how people approach options trading, one transaction at a time.

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Tranchess is a unique multi-asset tracking protocol offering an array of risk-return services, asset management, and derivatives trading. Suitable for both traditional and digital assets, Tranchess is an ambitious platform that caters to diverse investment needs.


AsiaNext is a financial service firm that provides integrated listing, trading, and post-trade services for digital assets. This innovative platform leverages the power of blockchain technology to enhance trading efficiency.

Wowoo Exchange Singapore

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Wowoo Exchange Singapore provides a secure, digital asset exchange platform where users can confidently trade cryptocurrencies in a secure environment.

Trumid XT

Trumid XT is an electronic bond trading platform leading the way in the digitization of the bond market. It offers a modern solution to traditional bonding practices, promoting transparency and ease in trading.

Pinoy Teleserye

Pinoy Teleserye provides crypto traders a reliable, secure platform to trade various digital assets. It specializes in offering a user-friendly crypto trading environment and a variety of crypto products.

Passion Venture Capital

Passion Venture Capital not only represents innovative founders but also offers investment services. It follows a forward-thinking approach to connect businesses to their potential investment clients.

Z1 Financial

Z1 Financial is an investment platform specializing in real estate investments and digital asset monetization. This platform strives to create lucrative investment opportunities for its clients.


FollowTrade is a social trading platform for stocks and cryptocurrencies. It offers a community-driven experience, allowing traders to learn from one another while making informed investment decisions.

Everest Gold

Everest Gold is changing the game when it comes to gold trading. This innovative platform offers real-time gold prices, supports buying/selling gold and doesn’t require transaction fees, making gold trading more accessible to the masses.

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Commoditystar Solutions

As a producer and trader of oils and fats, Commoditystar Solutions has a unique place in the trading platform landscape of Singapore. This firm has carved a niche within the commodity trading industry.

MOVE Network

Capitalizing on the trending NFT market, MOVE Network provides an NFT aggregator that allows trading, stakes, creation, and auctioning of a variety of NFTs. This places it on the forefront of this emerging digital market.


PolarBear100xSG is an AI-driven trading platform integrated with blockchain-based DeFi technology. It’s designed for global investors seeking an all-in-one trading solution.

In summary, these startups exemplify Singapore’s vibrant trading platform landscape. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, they continue to redefine traditional trading methods, underscoring Singapore’s pivotal role in the world of finance and technology.

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