Which Tunisian Software Startups Positively Rocked the Tech Industry in 2023?

The Tech industry in Tunisia has been on a steady rise in recent years. With inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and innovative solutions, many startups have emerged and begun to pave the way in the software sector. As we shine the spotlight on this vibrant ecosystem, the following are 15 noteworthy software companies adding to the growth and development of the Tech scene in Tunisia.

From data technology to augmented reality commerce solutions, these startups are transforming industries, redefining customer experiences, and demonstrating the boundless potential of software. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AI, data analytics and IoT, they are bringing revolutionary concepts and solutions to life.

Join us as we discover these fascinating software startups from Tunisia, each with their distinct identities, motives, and contributions, yet all unified in their passion for technology and innovation.

Millesima Technologies

Millesima Technologies specializes in data technology and video streams. A frontrunner in the software industry, Millesima is carving a niche for itself in data technology.


Onboard assists hardware companies in transforming their text manuals into 3D, intelligent manuals with instant customer support capabilities.


Slidzo is an online presentation platform that provides unique features like 3D virtual presentations and an AI-powered automated slide creation.


Winshot offers a digital platform for frontline field workforce.

Herodot Studio

Herodot Studio is a Tunisian indie game studio, catering to the growing demands of the gaming industry.

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FabSkill is a web platform offering recruitment process based on artificial intelligence, reinventing traditional recruitment methodologies.


Foodealz is an app fighting food waste by aiding users in saving delicious products at amazing prices.


Branper offers SaaS, providing organizations insights and trends from humans, markets, events, and actions to predict and forecast behavior via data.

Beecoop Agency

Beecoop Agency is a digital agency that constructs inspiring websites and mobile applications for clients worldwide.

Bee Tunisia

Bee Tunisia is an internet access provider.


Pivlo focuses on providing 3D and Augmented Reality commerce solutions for retailers, showcasing the possibilities of the immersive technology.


HAYDAR TECHNOLOGIES works on SaaS, Research, Development, IoT, and Security, accentuating the vast potential in these areas.


Unfrauded is a developer of AI software for insurance fraud detection, applying machine learning technologies to solve complex problems in the insurance industry.


Datavision offers Visual Data Analytics and Instant Display Targeting Tool, translating complicated data into insightful visual information.


WeRebase is a platform for startup companies, fostering the vibrant startup culture in Tunisia.

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