Which UAE Property Management Startups are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

The property management industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoys a lively startup ecosystem, with numerous companies applying technology and innovative strategies to disrupt traditional models. Cutting-edge platforms and solutions offered by these startups are making apartment renting, property selling, and home-sharing more accessible and convenient than ever. Below, we delve into a few pioneering property management startups in the UAE, studying how they’re carving out their niches and pushing boundaries in a dynamic market.

From online rental platforms to high-tech property inventory management systems, the UAE startup scene is rife with creative energy and potential. Coupled with sustained regional economic growth, favorable policies for startups, and investors’ willingness to back promising businesses, the scene is set for the proliferation and success of revolutionary property management startups.

Today, we turn the spotlight on 15 noteworthy property management startups in the UAE. Quick introductions, basic bios, and locations of these exciting startups, along with a link to their websites, are included.


Silkhaus is changing the way we live, offering a digital hub for all your housing needs, which includes 24/7 mobile support and a digital concierge service. Based in the UAE, their mission is providing comfortable and convenient living.


Urban makes the rental process easy, honest, genuine, and empowering. Covering end-to-end rental services, this UAE-based startup provides an entire online journey for property renters.

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The GetAnyHome platform simplifies property hunting, covering key markets like Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. UAE-based GetAnyHome’s platform promotes properties in an easy, accessible format.

Open Door Vacation Homes

Open Door UAE is a specialized holiday homes and vacation rental company, offering a unique set of trusted stay options for guests in the UAE.


Tenex is a UAE-based SaaS platform tailoring to the needs of property managers, with a strong focus on streamlining manual operations.


Provis, based in UAE, is a comprehensive real estate management company offering diverse services, such as business development, strategic consultancy, sales, and leasing.

Peninsula Real Estate

Peninsula Real Estate in UAE is an eminent startup facilitating investments in the robust property market of the region.

ALH Properties

Working across residential and commercial sectors, ALH Properties is driving the real estate scene in the UAE.

Connected Community

Connected Community provides an integrated real estate software solution designed to streamline operations for properties in the UAE.

Kennedy Property

Kennedy Property, a UAE-based startup, revolutionizes real estate services by integrating technology in brokerage and asset management services for potential buyers and owners.

Luxury Homes Real Estate

The UAE’s Luxury Homes Real Estate offers premium property sales and rental services in the region, catering to upmarket property requirements.


Inventally is a UAE-based startup providing an efficient inventory management system for properties, thereby simplifying inventory tracking and maintenance.

K H A Properties

K H A Properties aims to assist potential buyers in purchasing their dream homes in Dubai, be it for residential or commercial use or investment purposes.

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Net Real Estate Dubai

Net Real Estate Dubai provides comprehensive real estate agency services to the Dubai property market, covering brokerage and advisory aspects.

Realty Bridges

Lastly, Realty Bridges is a UAE-based company specializing in real estate and property management, dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the property sector.

These 15 startups represent an exciting snapshot of the UAE’s thriving property management industry. With innovative approaches and technology aiding their growth, they are paving the future of the industry.

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